Finished Quilts

This list will go back only to when I began blogging.

Here I list all types of quilts; if you are interested only in art or modern quilts, see those pages. Over time, I sometimes improve quilt names, so names may change.


Square Dance (Guild project, “Make it up as you go,” February)

Logan’s birthday quilt (January)


Do the Work ( Stretching Art, January)


Flyover Country March


Star Kissed #1 (for Ashley) May

Solidarity March

Color Study #1 February


Baby and Doll quilts, December

Urban Chickens #2  (second for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics’ Sew-cial Network) November

Gulls and Gardens (first for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics’ Sew-cial Network) June

6-inch square baby quilt May

70273 (Stretching Art) April

Untitled Small Quilt for guild raffle March

Weather Watching March

Irish Stars #1 March


Saggy Baggy Elephant July

Water is Life May (shown in guild show)

Loop d’ Loop April

King Cole Meets Magritte April

Leaving (Stretching Art) January


Border Practice (I know, it could use a better name) November

Welcome Blanket #2 October

Welcome ‘Blanket’ #1 (from first 9 of the F2F swap blocks) September

Deregulation (Threads of Resistance) May

Dreaming of Water (Stretching Art) January

Mint Swirl April (Riley Blake fabric challenge)

City Squares May


Red “Tahoe” Quilt February

Butterfly Outtakes April

Thirty-Six Fragmenting  April (Renamed from a quote “Without Orange There Would Be No Blue” van Gogh)

Skyline  (Name switches between “Skyline” & “Skyline View.) April


Truck-print Bunk quilt February

Quilted Snail’s mystery quilt (unnamed so far) April

Urban Chickens (It’s a Portland Thing) April

Postcard print bunk quilt May

Waterfront Park (bridges) bunk quilt May

Saltwater Taffy June

First from 65 Leader/Ender Blocks October

Noah’s Ark #1 November

Second from 65 Leader/Ender Blocks December


Chickendale Sampler 2010

Poky Puppy 2010

Four Roses, miniature 2010

Crayon Challenge 2011

A Star is Born 2012

Road Trip 2013

Let’s Golf! 2013

Super Baby Bib 2013

Monkey Fabric Baby Quilt 2013

Lines and Circles #1  (aka Architecture Quilt) (15-Minutes-of-Play challenge) 2013-2014

Lines and Circles  #2 (Project #1 from Master Class with Elizabeth Barton; value study)2014

Riley Blake Challenge for MQG (I know I should come up with a title) 2014

A Hole in the Safety Net (project #2 from masterclass–motion study) 2014

Bridge Lines (Project #3 from masterclass–line study) 2014

Triangles #1 (Project #4 from Masterclass) 2014

Untitled (Project #6 from Masterclass, June) 2014

Lacy Latticework 2014

Weighty Reflections 2014

Cracked Ice 2014

Fading Charms 2014

Sesame Street, Star Round Robin,and Fading Charms 2014


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