Butterfly Outtakes Finished

It has been a while. At first I was waiting for more experience in FMQ; then I stalled when I realized I’d have to piece the back. That was ten months ago! But I finally got to the quilting and binding.

Buterfly Outtakes,finished

43 x 43 inches

Paisley in the fabric suggested paisley overall quilting. I briefly pondered doing something fancy in the setting triangle area and dark border, but got on a roll with the overall design and decided to stay with it. (For the history of its making, including source of the name, the back links are in the post in the above link. )

Here is a closer look at the quilting:

Butterfly quilting detail

As usual, I quilted this on my Featherweight. It is my favorite size to quilt–too bad it isn’t the most frequent size I make. This size could be either a baby quilt or a wheelchair lap quilt, depending on the fabric. I could see this fabric going either way, so I’ll link with Let’s Make Baby Quilts.

I had two blocks that were a bit smaller than the others, so I put them on the back (which needed to be made a couple inches wider).

Butterfly back

I’m thinking they would look better had they been placed closer to each other. I’ll try to remember that the next time.

I may do some more linking: Free Motion Mavericks (at Needle and Foot this week), Free Motion By the River, TGIFF (at Faith and Fabric this week) and Finish it up Friday; at any rate check the buttons in the sidebar to go see what others have linked.

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14 responses to “Butterfly Outtakes Finished

  1. Sue

    That quilting is very proFESSIONAL for sure,

  2. That’s a beautiful paisley fabric, and I think you definitely made the right choice for quilting design. It’s a lovely gentle colour scheme, and as you say, it could go either way. Beautiful job.

  3. dezertsuz

    Your paisley quilting looks fabulous! Easy on a longarm, not so easy on a FW.

  4. Congratulations on your finish. The quilting is perfect with that fabric. A very beautiful quilt.

  5. Very wonderful, the colors are soothing!

  6. Sue

    Oh, I like it so much! Your brainstorm about continuing the fabric design into the quilting pattern is brilliant. I like the way the softness of the colors and curviness of everything else works with the angular shapes of the butterflies. Nice work!

  7. Cher

    I am adding in the same thoughts/comments…perfect design to quilt to come up with a charming small quilt!
    someone is going to love it very much..well done!

  8. That looks wonderful! The quilting is perfect for the delicacy of the quilt. And I love the blocks on the back, too. I love pieced backs that bring something from the front of the quilt.

  9. Wow! Great job quilting on the FW. It looks fabulous.

  10. dawn at firstlightdesigns

    Lovely! Your choice of quilting motif was perfect!

  11. What a lovely finish! I enjoyed going through your old posts about how this quilt came to be. (Love the name, too!) The paisley motif seems just right for this quilt, and I am so impressed that you quilted it on your Featherweight.

  12. Wow! Your quilting is beautiful!

  13. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Beautiful and how neat that you quilted it on your Featherweight too!

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