Finished Small Quilt

I need to come up with a better name than Inspired by Viewing Works by Hilma af Klint. (The one with blue background four down) And of course I wonder to what extent the information is necessary to a viewer. (Details of how the two link here.) At any rate, here it is, finished.

1 Finished af Klimt inspired

10 x 17 inches

Straight edges are quite an improvement over the previous version shared!

Quilting thread doesn’t show well in the photo: I used red, yellow, purple, and brown. Most lines follow the piecing lines and were done with a walking foot, but the yellow zigzag was meant to echo the yellow ruching and was done free motion.

1 quilting ruching detail.

I could get hooked on making small pieces. Though spread over three days, this one took about one day’s worth of work. Instant gratification is nice sometimes.  Of course one thing that speeded the process up was that the fabrics were all together in a bag for another  project that got repurposed into this one.

Any suggestions for title would be appreciated as would thoughts on whether to keep or drop reference to af Klint.

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10 responses to “Finished Small Quilt

  1. mlmcspadden

    Looks great! As for a name……….that is something I always have trouble figuring out myself so I’m no help there.

  2. If it were mine, I’d be calling it Strata. And I don’t believe it’s necessary to cite your source of inspiration unless you feel compelled to do so. For many of us, the list would be rather long if we gave details of what had inspired us during the course of each quilt.

  3. It turned out great! Perhaps “Klintspired”? “Klintspiration”?

  4. I would choose a one or two word title that expresses the thought/emotion that you felt expressed in the piece. If it is primarily to honor Hilma, then I might title based on that intention, not necessarily using her name….

  5. Khristina Philp

    Oh yes, I love small pieces. Feels great getting something finished. It reminds me of outback in Australia. The ridges/waves. The colours. Brown, yellow earthy colours. Nicely done Claire.

  6. Oh this is an absolutely wonderful piece! I love the texture/3D effect you added!

  7. Lynette Caulkins

    Nice study piece! Love that ruching strata!

  8. The ruched/pleated fabric looks good! I may have to try it in my next art quilt 🙂

  9. I would site the inspiration in the text, if there is a place for that. When I look at it, it reminds me or orbits, so I’d probably call it something like Orbit Executed or Orbit Acquired.

  10. The ruching is something I have never see before on a quilt. Its presence adds a 3D look to yours.

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