99 x 105

99 x 105

UFO, for the uninitiated, means UnFinished Object to quilters. Some of my friends stew a lot about these and one of my guilds has a challenge to make a numbered list of 12. Each month a number will be drawn and that one on the list is the challenge to finish that month. Or at least work on. I signed up, but ended up not taking it seriously. I have always joked that I have an infinite capacity for unfinished. Still it is fun to finish a project. This time the guild quilt show provided the deadline. (It had provided a deadline two years ago also, but I let that one pass.)

Since it was longer than the height of the hanging poles, the bottom border had to be pinned up. It shows better here where the quilt is modeled on a queen sized bed.

99 x 105

Next to model it on a king sized mattress. The bump at the foot is the foot of the bed–probably I would tuck it in, but wanted to show border again. On this older mattress, the quilt falls one inch below the mattress, over the box springs. On a newer deeper mattress, it would require some fiddling to fit on one side or some creative mattress covering.

This quilt was started in 2004. I had never before done pieced borders and needed to practice the square-on-point border on smaller projects before proceeding with this one. Of course that doesn’t explain all six years! After I finished all the piecing, Judy Clare of Mulberry Patch Quilts did the free motion custom quilting. (I will link to her web site when she creates it.) I have comments about the design decisions and other details of the quilt’s creation on my website www.knitnkwilt.com

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5 responses to “UFOs

  1. Hi Claire, same in France , I have some UFOs – I reached the stage of quilting… but I am affraid , I am still at that point.. I have so many desires for new projects, so many things interest me.. eventhough I love quilting ( home machine quilting) I start new projects befor I really finish the previous one.

    You bed quilt is beautiful and so… large !! do you quilt with your home sewing machine ? How can you move the bulk of fabric ?

    • Olga,
      Thanks for the compliment. 🙂
      When I quilt, I use a home sewing machine; however, I’ve not done anything larger than 60 x 60. Judy Clare, who quilted this one, is a longarm quilter.

  2. This is a wonderful bed quilt finish! It’s been fun for me to see how your style has evolved….as You share this archive.

  3. Lol, love the idea of having “an infinite capacity for unfinished”!! Given how big this one is, six years is not that long, especialy when you’re working on other projects in between. I love the sage green, gold and red coloring. Going over to your other site to check out the details and see the blocks close up. Thanks for sharing this at Val’s!

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