Crayon Challenge Quilt finished and I’m moving on

It feels good to finish a project (even though I am primarily a process person).

Crayon challenge lap quilt

37 x 45.5

My quilting foot made a horrible clacking while I quilted; it has never done that before, and I couldn’t see anything wrong with how I had attached it.  Half way through quilting, it broke.  Now when I had noticed in the past, after buying a quilting foot and putting it away that there was already one there, I  was annoyed with myself; however, it was a relief to have a back up since it was getting to be crunch time!

Binding was a breeze, though the back of my mitered corners needs improving.

One exciting thing about this quilt: it ended up an exact rectangle!  In the past, my flying-geese blocks have not ended up as perfect as they needed to be.  I had been eyeballing the seam from corner to corner of the point piece (or sky if you are thinking of use for goose instead of star), and I guess my eye isn’t as straight as I had thought. This time I drew the line. I think that is what made the difference.

So it is mailed to my previous quilt guild in time for their program on the crayon challenge and then for distribution.  I don’t have many more obligations hanging over from before my move. It is hard to plan when you don’t know an exact moving date…I kept signing up for things just in case I was still there.  (I did stop signing up for things that cost money, like workshops–too much possibility to lose the money.)

I started pressing fabric for the next project. And I have four socks on the needles–two for me and two for charity knitting, also back in Indiana. The charity socks are almost ready to graft and then send.  The pair for me is near the point where I have to think. It has been so long since I did toe-up that I have to follow the directions closely.  I am waiting for it to become as automatic as top-down socks!

3/3/15 Linking to Tuesday Archives. Since it is a traditional block, it isn’t fully original, but I’m guessing it is an original setting. 🙂 If you are interested in the details of the challenge, posts start here.


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  1. Pat

    It looks nice. The colors are soothing.

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