PBS Project Finished

The sewing on the Paintbrush Studio Fabric project was finished a couple days ago. I did the photography yesterday and today. Of course the overcast days were while I was still sewing–quite sunny today. Anyway, finished and sent a day early. I rather like working at a slow and steady pace instead of a last minute rush. I’ll have to do that more often.

The finished quilt front

front sm

~46 x ~46 inches

and back

back sm

I make a lot of quilts just a bit over the width-of-fabric measurement, and I prefer piecing a strip to buying and extra length of the backing for a couple inches. It is also a good way to use left over fabric, though I have a few scraps.

detail sm

I had just read Jacquie Gering’s Walk and decided to try diagonal wavy lines with the walking foot. For the most part it went well. However, twice I ended up with a line of eyelashes on the wrong side (more than I have ever had when doing free motion). It seemed to happen when I tried too hard to make too big of a curve, but the odd thing is that it continued after I went back to ordinary motions.Ā  The fix was to take the bobbin out and put it back. Go figure.

And in addition to diagonals, the gull print suggested loop d’ loop, but not too much. So I put in the free motion foot and did a couple spaced out rows of loops.

And now for a couple glam shots


I had to do some serious cropping of the left photo because I’d managed to include garbage dumpsters at the curb! That photo is from the park across the street where the trees are off to the side and the middle is wide open space; the bench is in the patio behind my apartment building.

Quilt history:

Fabric and project information here

First steps here




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8 responses to “PBS Project Finished

  1. Looking great! It looks beautifully fresh in the daylight, and the red binding is perfect.

  2. dezertsuz

    What an absolutely wonderful finish! I like your glam shots, too. That park looks like a great place to spend time and walk in the morning, maybe.

  3. Laughing about the dumpsters! I crop a LOT out of my photos. Your quilt turned out great, and I like the wavy line quilting motif. That’s a very soothing way to stitch, I find.

    I admit I was briefly puzzled about why you named after the Public Broadcasting Service. Will it provide free warmth and comfort most of the year, but beg for money every once in a while? Does it come with a tote bag? šŸ™‚

  4. I love your glamour shots! I rarely do them, but maybe I should go back to it šŸ™‚

  5. I, too, was caught by the PBS tagline and was interested to know why PBS was having people sew quilts (and loved the comment, above). Paintbrush Studios makes much more sense. I loved the early blue, but that’s one of my favorite PBS colors (I have a color card). The final quilt looks great–what a great design. Congrats on the glamour shots and on the finish!

  6. I love the choice of colors. It makes me think of fabric from the 1940’s.

  7. Love the quilt photoshoot with the park bench!

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