Skyline (was City Quilt)Finished

With this finish, my three for the local show are completed. Two days before the deadline! The light wasn’t perfect, but good enough for some photos. I’ll take more when it comes back home. Or at the show. A hanging photo instead of a floor photo, what a concept.

Without further ado, the front:

Whole quilt

49 x ~68

And back:

Skyline back

This was my first attempt at quilting large sections of negative space. I’m not totally unhappy with the results, but there are some changes for future quilts. I really like the “cobblestone path” as a divider and wish I’d used it in all three dividing places.  The chain of spirals with echoes ends up looking too much like roses and breaks the feel of the rest of the quilt. However, they are fun to make.  And when I use  spirals again, I’ll have some tight quilting next to them so they puff out more. And I am not sure there is enough contrasting texture between the various sections–circuit board, elongated meander, and waves of checkerboard–someday I’ll learn the real name–and within the “building silhouette” section between the circuit board background and the “silhouette.” I have trouble planning quilting because I can’t quite see it in my head, and even less so in a sketch. I guess all I can do is quilt a lot and get a better sense of what motifs look like by doing.

One thing I find ironic: Modern batting can take unquilted distances up to ten inches, but current trends (and my taste) call for closer quilting! The batting was Warm and Natural, cotton and poly (I think 80/20–I am too lazy to get up and look at the label.)

There were a few tucks and puffs, but nothing like were in the last quilt.  A big part of that was the batting. But here I also did all quilting from the center out, even when it meant wadding 3/4 of the quilt under the sewing machine harp. Even the long dividing line of cobblestone path. I did have to mark it since I’d not be able to see the whole quilt as I stitched.

Some detail shots of the quilting

Quilt history

The fabric purchased soon after Christmas

A start at background–rejected for this quilt but on hold for another (March)

Second beginning (March)

Top finished (April)

One more sideways view–not so dramatic a difference as the last quilt, but oh well . . .I like photos.

skyline sidwaysL

Linking with Free Motion Mavericks and Needle and Thread Thursday. And if I remember, with TGIFF ((buttons in the sidebar but link at celtic thistle) and Finish it Up Friday (link provided 4/29/16)

5/24/16. ETA Linking with AHIQ since the technique is improv even though the design came first. And the quilting is improv.

7/5/16 Edited to add a hanging view of the whole quilt. The photo I took at the quilt show wasn’t good enough, but here is one from guild’s May meeting Show ‘n Tell–about 2/3 down the page.



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12 responses to “Skyline (was City Quilt)Finished

  1. This is amazing! Different and exciting. Can’t wait to see it at the show!

  2. I think you’re being unduly self critical here. It’s a great piece, the concept is extremely original, the quilting is clever and imaginative, and I truly hope you bring it home with some ribbons.

  3. Original design and great quilting. You can be very proud of this special quilt. Keeping fingers crossed that you win! Barbora

  4. Cher

    I should bring home a ribbon at the very least! what a great day to finish your last show quilt!

  5. This quilt looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see it at the NWQ show! I am envious that all your quilts for the show are finished! Each year I pledge to enter ONLY finished quilts, but here I am with one more to try to finish up today…

  6. Wow! What terrific quilting! I love the design and the quilting both!

  7. dezertsuz

    Claire, that’s fabulous! I really liked being able to click larger, too. That first photo was so easy to see! Thank you. I love what you’ve done, and I know your quilts will be admired. This is just stunning and wonderful. Congratulations on work well done!

  8. Sue

    I’m impressed! I have so many unfinished projects, and have never entered anything in a show. That is in my future. I’m particularly impressed with how brave you are with the free-motion quilting. Your tenacity has paid off this time. I agree you should not be so hard on yourself…FMQ is not easy. And I like the originality of this idea. Wish I could come see your show! Well done, Claire!

  9. Lisa

    This is such an interesting quilt. I love the design and your quilting is quite spectacular.

  10. Hello Claire,
    Gosh, that is a lot of quilting, and lots of quilt to squeeze under the machine. I love the way you have combined so many different designs to vary the texture.
    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!
    Love, Muv

  11. Ann

    Such a lovely finish. Thanks for sharing what you learned. There’s so much to learn about quilting negative space so your pointers give us all something to consider. Thanks for linking with AHIQ.

  12. Congratulations on a really original design. I like the vividly coloured buildings and the lovely quilting with a lot of variation in the negative space.

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