A [Late] Friday Finish–The First of the Three Leader-Ender Quilts

At least it is still Friday in Portland (OR).  If I had finished it yesterday, I’d have had a quilt holder for a better photo, but a sofa pose will have to do.


~45 x 60

When there is no deadline, it is easy to do a little each day, so while I’ve been quiet I’ve been pinning quilts (two more pinned) and quilting a bit at a time. Since there were no major quilting design decisions, a daily report didn’t seem necessary.  I had considered something fancy on the plain blocks, but I decided I needed practice on basics more. So I did a meander all over–even the borders.  What I really need to learn (and got better at) is stopping in the middle of a curve and then continuing smoothly.

Here’s a closer look at the quilting.

Quilting detail

I had a backing fabric in my stash that works perfectly.


Whereas the border picks up only the red and yellow, the backing adds the blue.

Next I’ll cut the sashing for the other two and make up kits to take to my guild retreat. I have a few other projects to prepare as well. Most everything I plan to sew will go quickly, and I don’t want to run out of projects, so there is a lot of cutting in my future.

For those interested in making the 7-inch block, here is a link to the tutorial on Quilters Gallery

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday.

Quilt History

Found the pattern June 2012

First blocks May 2013

In November, 2014

As a Leader/Ender project in February

Shifting from Leader/Ender to Primary

Design thoughts

Top Finished



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6 responses to “A [Late] Friday Finish–The First of the Three Leader-Ender Quilts

  1. I’m with you on needing more practice for FMQ, but everytime I get to the point of actually doing some, I don’t want to spoil the quilt by messing it up. And I resent the time doing practice pieces… That backing really is quite perfect; I love the sparkle and colour of this quilt, a lovely piece of work.

  2. quilt32

    I admire you for the FMQ and like the old-fashioned look of this quilt, front and back.

  3. dezertsuz

    It looks great! Practice will take care of the smoothing, I’m sure, though I couldn’t tell in the photo that it wasn’t smooth. You might consider a pointy meander. =)

  4. Thanks for posting links to the quilt’s history. I’ve often posted steps along the way and finished quilt, but never thought about linking them together. It turned out very nice.

  5. It looks great! And don’t you love when you can work and find thing in your stash! 🙂

  6. It’s gorgeous! I love it so much and the quilting looks great! Thanks for linking up!

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