Art Quilts

Items marked *are also listed with modern quilts; I find the categories blur.

Do the Work 2022

Flyover Country March 2021

Solidarity March 2020 (Stretching Art and Tradition 21)

Color Study #1February 2020

70273 April 2019 (Stretching Art and Tradition 20)

Untitled small quilt for guild raffle March 2019

Water is Life: A Tribute to Standing Rock Water Protectors (History in reverse from hanging view at guild show) May  2018

Leaving January 2018 (Stretching Art 19)

Deregulation May 2017

Mint Swirl April 2017 *

Dreaming of Cool, Clear, Abundant Water (Stretching Art 18) January 2017

Skyline (may be renamed) April 2016*

Without Orange There Would Be No Blue, April 2016 *

Bounce Back (inspired by mystery quilt instructions, April 2015)

Cracked Ice December 2014*

Weighty Reflections (challenge to design from a Portland Bridge, August 2014) *

Untitled (#6 from design masterclass, June 2014)

Triangles (#4 from design masterclass, April 2014)

Bridge Lines (#3from design masterclass, March 2014)

Hole in the Safety Net (#2 from design masterclass, Feb 2014)

Lines and Circles 2 (#1 from the design masterclass, Jan 2014)

Lines and Circles 1 (from an architecture challenge on 15 Minutes of Play, 2013-14)

Road Trip (2013)