Clue #6 (sans Stars) and Finished

Linking to Val’s Tuesday Archives where the theme is circles.(Button in sidebar) The large ones are inset; the small ones hand appliqued.

In the absence of thread, I worked on the Quilted Snail’s mystery quilt. Both need to be finished at the same time, so changing the order is no problem, yet. But I’m not thrilled with Wait and see if it is a “little bit delayed” and no clue of what they call “a little bit.” But back to the mystery quilt.

Finished top

top finished

You may remember that clue #5 asked for three squares on three blocks. Well I managed three, but only on two blocks. Close enough for me. I meant it to look like light reflecting on a sphere . . . it doesn’t.  I think it needs to be lower to give the 3-D effect. Next time.  I did like putting each color on the bottom sphere though.

Here’s where you can help.  Clue #4 asked for meaning to be expressed either with words or symbolically, and I chose symbolic.  How do you read it?  (There is no right or wrong answer here–it is what you see, and whatever you see will be helpful to me.) I’ve actually changed my thinking as it has progressed.

Clue #6 asked for a rectangle on two blocks and six stars.  The three squares are surrounded by rectangles, and at least two are on two squares. Stars?  Time to depart from the clues and take back ownership. The mystery has been fun, and it has definitely allowed for more maker control than most mystery quilts.

I tried something new for finishing.  Usually when I don’t want to frame a quilt with border or binding I face it. But that has given me trouble with the corners. I tried stitching front to back before quilting for a knife-edge finish. When quilting I did get a couple small tucks–a problem with finishing first.

Some suggestions I played with: use an odd number of items.  Instead of moving a circle into the middle block to make a group of three, I added a ghost circle in the quilting.  Instead of creating one big spiral of circles I created two crossing each other and tried to guide with quilting.

Now, a design concept that is problematic to me. A critique frequently heard in the master class was about lines leading off the design. Now, my eyes never leave a design, so I don’t quite have the concept. It is difficult to correct for a flaw I am not sure I see. I’m thinking this one has the potential in two places, as best I can tell. So I tried to control it with quilting.  Let me know (a) if it really had potential to lead the eye off and (b) if so, if quilting is enough to stop it.

Here’s the quilting. quilted

That’s the best I could do for the time of day I took the picture.    Edited to insert better daytime photo.

Shows a bit better from the back.

quilt back

The batting allows for 10-inch unquilted spaces. The larger full circles are 7 inches.

Here are some detail shots.  edited to delete detail shots since detail now visible.

Of interest in thread use: all the quilting took 5 bobbins of thread; the stippling around the smaller circles alone took one whole bobbin. I’ll know to have plenty of thread on hand if I want to do a lot of stippling!

Remember to comment: What “message” do you see?  And talk about the design problem of leading an eye off the “page.”

Linking with Quilted Snail. And since I haven’t had a finish for quite a while,  linking with LAFF, TGIFF, and Finish it up Friday. And linking with art quilts at Off the Wall Friday. And for quilting fun, Free Motion Mavericks. And I crush big time on finishes, so linking with Main Crush Mondays. Here’s hoping others agree with my judgement that this improv mystery allowed enough of my decisions to count as my own.  Linking with Creative Goodness. Check out the linky posts for some inspiration. And just in case knife edge counts as binding, linking with Binding Blitz.



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8 responses to “Clue #6 (sans Stars) and Finished

  1. dezertsuz

    Well, let me say first, I have no clue what message you intended. Every time I’ve looked at this, I’ve loved it, and now is no different. I have a feeling of lightness and airiness when I look at it, not just in the quilt, but as if it is pulling me upward with it. So the message for me is to lighten up. =) Come out and play.

    Does my eye go off the quilt? I suppose it could at either bottom or top, but it really doesn’t. I find myself going bottom to top and back again over and over – like bubbles bouncing around in a confined space.

    I love the quilting as it looks on the back, can’t see the front as well. It is a completely different quilt on the back. I feel something almost Sci-fi about the back of it, but it, too, has a light hopeful feeling to it.

    As for your reflective spots on the ball – yes I can see that. but it also seems a little like windows looking out from some sort of habitat. Someone is in there, and they are looking at all the other someones floating by. =)

  2. To me this piece tells a story of gardens, like a bird’s eye view of a modern garden design. Interconnected, nature and geometry.

  3. Love how you finished it up! Like Susan I still have no idea of the msg, but then again i’ve always been horrible at naming quilts, even my own.

    i do like how my eye travels with the “bubbles” as they come up from the bottom of the quilt to the top of it. I don’t have a problem with my line of sight traveling off the edge of the quilt.

    Love what you did for the backing, and love how well the quilting shows up on the backing!

    Thanks for following along with my mystery, and then making it your own! I’ve loved seeing it take shape.

  4. It has an upward feeling of movement. We generally think of upward as moving in the right direction. Onward and upward, right? It’s very positive. The quilting reinforces the fabric design. Interesting, original, something I could look at for a long time.

  5. I think it has a very high-tech, computer, scientific feel to it. The quilting really does that for me. The side with the circles had me thinking planets, so immediately my brain jumped to…..wait! Outer space vehicles like satellites or that Russian place where astronauts live for months at a time. I googled it: a space station.

    Let go of critiques…..this quilt is fabulous and it doesn’t matter where the eye goes: there is something to enjoy and be amazed about. Really. Let go of all worries.

    Thanks for visiting, Mary

  6. I see ‘visiting the Other solar system’….. the one that has a planet like earth where the people have learned to do things right, and their earth isn’t all polluted, and they haven’t spent years killing each other.
    I don’t even know what you mean about the eye and the quilting and all that. I think the quilting is awesome. It changed what I “saw” in this quilt. First I saw bubbles going up an elevator shaft. Then with the quilting I saw that other solar system. Very nice.

  7. Hello Claire,

    Your quilt is really striking. It looks very 1930s Art Deco. I love the way the quilting has emphasised the line of small purple circles.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks,

    Love, Muv

  8. Hi Claire
    I see space, planets. something to do with solar systems perhaps seen from a space ship. Love the design.

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