Bridge Lines Completed

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Lines instead of shapes was the March lesson. (Previous posts here and here) And after getting this one assembled, I can definitely see the construction value of shapes and the design value of lines.

Finished piece

The construction was a royal pain. There is a world of difference between slash-and-insert for improv and for a predetermined design.  I laid out the pieces, marked placement with pins, and carefully analyzed the design for order of slashing and sewing.  I didn’t quite use templates. I put pins along the edge of the piece to be inserted then used ruler and rotary cutter to cut 1/4 inch inside the line. I thought that would maintain the proportions and line ups. No.  Soon the pins marking various pieces’ placements became more and more approximate and the edge more and more raggedy. What started as 21 x 25 to allow leeway toward a goal of 18 x 24 ended up 17 x 22. (What math am I missing to explain this loss? It doesn’t seem like it should have happened.)

Next the quilting. I had planned to do only stitch in the ditch so used a batting that allowed for unquilted spaces up to 12 inches. But as I was stitching I got the idea of ghost ladders in the bigger spaces.  (I wonder if the idea was inspired by having browsed Leah Day’s filler designs and practicing “Josh’s Ladders” on a fire truck block? Or if it came from looking at the ladders and empty spaces. I’ll never know because I can’t go back and not know the Josh’s Ladders filler.  I wonder too if this in-process shift from plain to ladders is what people mean when they say “The quilt told me what it wanted.”)

I had a couple doubts about the quilting: should I add one more ladder in the upper left corner? Should I change the quilting in the white area? However, I got my comments from Elizabeth who approved the quilting as is. I am not one for ripping out quilting needlessly, so I’l be glad to take her word on it. She also approved the limited palette for such a complex design. I wish I could say that was exactly why I used it. 🙂

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20 responses to “Bridge Lines Completed

  1. I would not add another ladder in the left top corner. I like how the top left and bottom right are in contrast of each other: they are real opposites: empty and stuffed full! 🙂
    I love how you added the FMQ ladders, it feel like contruction of lines keeps going on in the distance. It create a feeling of space and depth.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a very neat design!

  3. dezertsuz

    In the end, after all the drawing, erasing, cutting, pinning, thinking and double thinking, you have a wonderful piece. I like what you did with both the piecing and the quilting, and I like the colors. The restful colors contrast with the busy ladders.

  4. Nina-Marie

    Although I’m not a big fan this would have been a perfect piece to paper piece. You blow up a big pattern and trace your different sections from there. Paper piece them and sew the sections back together. I hate all that paper (the texture, the mess etc) but gosh its accurate. You already know how I feel about this piece…. grin

  5. I love how this turned out!

  6. Loving it. I love this look, it is so architectural and linear. Just my style. I have several in my mind ready to go to fabric. I have also experience the disappearing fabric. And have never figured it out enough to accurately plan for it.

  7. Norma Schlager

    I love this piece! All that piecing is impressive and I know what you mean about work shrinking. It happens to me all the time. I also think the quilting that you did is just right.

  8. Lovely! I really like lines too. You did a nice job getting all the lines in place!

  9. Wow! This is really spectacular! I’ve tried this slash/insert/sew technique and had trouble lining up my pieces after the first couple of slashes. And if you say that the planned piece is more difficult than the improv – Oof! I really love the architectural-ness of this – from the piecing to the quilting. The scale of your ladders and the way it draws your eye “into” and “out of” the frame – there’s so much to look at. Wow!

  10. Wow! That is beautiful! Did you have a design you were working from, or did you improvise?

  11. I’m in awe too…and sometimes I think it helps to walk away from a completed project…as I see the beauty in it better the next day….yours is really fantastic!

  12. That looks really cool! Well done!

  13. Totally amazing! I love the colors you picked for this project. The lines are so clean!

  14. Well done! A very intriguing piece – lots to talk about. Parts I love: The soothing colors combined with energy of the ladders. The background quilting of the ladders. I love the white ladder – it really pops. Since you asked – I would add another ladder in the top right – paralleling the while ladder coming straight down the quilt.
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a wonderful quilt, Claire! I’ll bet some of those were a major pain to piece. Angles can really mess up 1/4″ measurements. If the 1/4″ is on an angle, it measures more than 1/4″ straight across the horizontal. Congrats on a fantastic result and thanks so much for linking up with Sew Solid Sunday!

  16. this is amazing! I’m inspired!

  17. Lea

    it’s gorgeous! Love it.

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