Finished and Named: Loop d’ Loop

This quilt from Latifah Saafir’s workshop is the second of three for the upcoming guild show. The quilting continued well; the binding took longer than planned.  I was halfway around the quilt on the first seam when I realized I was sewing binding to the front instead of the back. I pondered ripping it out, but decided that would take as long as hand sewing the second seam.  I’ve made that mistake before, but I usually catch it a couple inches in.

I haven’t sewn the hanging sleeve yet because I’ve not decided which side is top.

At first I thought this way

Loop 1

I thought I wanted those bendy long “stems” on the bottom, reaching up like real plants do..

But now I’m leaning to this one.

Loop 2

It seems more stable and the long stem swoops move the eye around more than the other way. But just for the sake of completeness, here are views 3 and 4.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all. After the guild quilt show it will become a lap quilt for someone in a nursing home.

The other design decision was color of binding.  I’d considered green as well as yellow.  Yellow won because some of the loops are so close to the edge that the green crowded them.  The quilt’s history starts here ( reverse order) where other design decisions were discussed.

It’s not Friday but “Finished or Not Friday” is still open, so I’ll link. (Button in sidebar for your convenience. Go look.)

On to quilt number 3. A little over a week is plenty of time.


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10 responses to “Finished and Named: Loop d’ Loop

  1. I like the name! If you’d still been searching, I’d have suggested something musical; the design looks like staves and clefs doing their own thing. Maybe Syncopation…. or something.

  2. Great name and wonderful piece – that is so cool you are donating it a nursing home – some lucky senior is going to have a very cool lap quilt! 🙂

  3. It turned out so great! I love all the wiggly movement from the “stems.” Such a fun piece 🙂

  4. mlmcspadden

    Looks great! and great name for it.

  5. Ah, yes! The value of deadlines! And I don’t think it matters which end is up!

  6. dezertsuz

    I think the yellow was the better choice for binding. The only way I really didn’t like so much was when the bigger pink was bottom left, because the center looked a little off that way. I like either one of the first two, though you are right. As a lap quilt, it won’t matter. =)

  7. Ooh, I like how you included the photo that changes the orientation of the quilt. This will be so cool as a lap quilt. It really is an art piece, but I picture someone tracing those lines, so it will be tactile as well as visual stimulation.

  8. Those loops really provide a fun effect. Someone will be really lucky to receive this quilt!

  9. I really like this! It has so much movement. I agree with JanineMarie, it will provide important tactile input as well as visual and I can imagine, become very precious to someone. Thanks so much for sharing on Clever Chameleon.

  10. An interesting dilemma to have as visually it is different with every orientation even though at first glance it doesn’t appear so! Good luck with the quiltshow. (Visiting via Clever Chameleon)

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