Welcome ‘Blanket’ Finished

You may have noticed a delay in finishing.  When the Welcome Blanket project announced that the deadline was extended to November 4, I shifted my attention to other activities and books and planned on making two. Today the first one is bound, and as soon as I write the note to go with it, I’ll package it for mailing.

welcome blanket finished

I did get a friend to hold it for a flat photo, but that was before it was bound.

welcome blanket quilted

Once again, I am amazed at the difference a binding makes in the look! You’d think I’d be used to the transformation by now.

Here are the corner blocks, quilted. You can click to enlarge any of them.

I borrowed Angela Walters’ Shape by Shape again from the library for help in designing quilting on another quilt. While I had it in my hands I looked for the fancy name for the tilted square design I’d learned from the book. Prepare yourself: it is “Square 1.”  I used that and ribbon candy (with a few pebbles) on the corner blocks. In the future, I don’t think I’ll use Square 1 on a pieced square. To my eye the quilt lines clash more with the pieced lines than I’d expected.

That border print really hides the quilting. Here is a diagram of Wonky Triangle border pattern from Night Quilter. It is fun to quilt and goes quickly. I thought Wonky Triangle a good link to the Square 1 motif, and both made a nice contrast to the paisleys, pebbles, and other curves in the star blocks.

It would be such fun to be in Chicago and able to go to see the installation, to join a group knitting there or an unpacking party. Here is a link to their blog on the day of their receiving 1001 packages. Browse the blog for photos of blankets on the walls.

My several planned projects for today became this one finish. While stitching the second seam of the binding, the thread broke once, the bobbin ran out, and I broke three needles. That did something to my enthusiasm!

Suddenly, it seems the needle position is too close to the edge. All is well when I sew slowly, but the slightest increase in speed produces that horrible thump. So it will be off the the repair shop and hope the problem is fixable and in time for me to finish a second quilt. I have a top and back already prepared. Who knows why it got set away. I can sandwich it while I am without machine. I also have a lot of blocks to trim. Plenty to do for the duration.



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6 responses to “Welcome ‘Blanket’ Finished

  1. Beautiful quilting, you’ve used your time very well. I do like Angela’s books, they demystify and make machine quilting seem much less intimidating.

  2. That is wonderful! I totally got a kick out the fact you took out Angela Waters’ book from the library to finish your quilting. I have also embrace that my local library is my own personal book storage! I nearly bought a new book yesterday and then realized it was at the library. Your palette on your quilt is awesome and the binding perfectly brings the quilt together! Your “blanket” looks very welcoming!!!!

  3. dezertsuz

    I think the quilting looks great. If by clashing you mean it is noticeable, you’re right, but it doesn’t bother me. The finish is going to be loved by the recipient. I hope your machine is a simple adjustment – it sounds as if it should be.

  4. This looks great!! Thank you for trying my wonky triangle FMQ motif, and for linking to it! It’s an oldie but goodie! ❤

  5. Lovely fall colors. I’d say it was finished at just the right time 😉

  6. Love this quilt and thanks for the link to the wonky triangles quilting. I love that center block of yours with all the pears (?), but then I love circle blocks generally. Congratulations on a finished quilt!

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