MQG Challenge Finished

Finished quilt

Here is the rearranged layout. (Starting sketch here and first actual layout here I do occasionally finish a project quickly). The blocks are actually set straight. I have made blocks to fade into the background before and float, but this is the first time that the “floating” part was almost square and looks like they were set on point. So I reoriented the flower square to the angle of apparent blocks instead of the real blocks, and it felt more unified.

One change demands another, so I started shifting the blocks till I got this arrangement.

I learned some limits to the walking foot.  I didn’t want to do all those starts and stops in the zig zag in the upper right and lower left triangles, so I tried using the walking foot forward and reverse. While it keeps layers smooth going forward, it allows them to bunch when going in reverse. I think the puckers will “disappear” when the quilt is washed and gets more crinkly, so I didn’t rip anything out nor change my plan. The zig zag worked up to about 6 inches; then the same stabilizing techniques that I had used no longer worked as it got longer. I guess I’ll have to perfect my FMQ straight lines in both directions.

Also this is the first time I tried sectioning off areas and then quilting between lines without adhesive; that too produced a few puckers even though I’d pressed the batting and pinned more carefully than usual. When I have had no puckers I have started in the middle and worked out to the edges. I don’t like to use adhesive, but I do like sectioned designs. Does anyone have other solutions?

The quilt measures 40 x 54 and is close to the maximum I can quilt on my Featherweight.

A note to my followers: I am heading out tomorrow for “Rockies by Rail” in Canada and not taking my computer. There will be photos, but not till I get home.



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11 responses to “MQG Challenge Finished

  1. I like it! Good solution to challenge. The variety of quilting patterns adds a lot of interest.

  2. Looks great! I like how you quilted it!

  3. I like it a lot and your quilting is great. Let us know how it washes out. I find many things disappear after the washing.

  4. Sue

    That looks very nice and I like how the quilting shows up for the picture. I use a light spray of 505 and press with a hot iron on the back after spraying – it seems to help to not get puckers and other disasters.

  5. dezertsuz

    I like it, every bit. Excellent challenge response. Have you tried sewing on that really thin paper that is almost transparent? I think it’s called translucent. I know I used it occasionally with my longarm on a particularly tricky design, and it worked well, but that’s a different machine technique.

  6. Great use of the fabric. I like the final layout of the blocks alot.

  7. Cher

    this turned out truly wonderful! I am sure the puckers will wash away so to speak and the design is great…I love what you finally did setting wise.
    hope to see it in person when you get back…enjoy the fabulous trip.

  8. I think your quilting is great!

  9. I like the angle of the blocks. I also like the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello Claire,

    It is a really bold modern design – I love the way you have it divided diagonally into sections for different quilting patterns.

    Have you considered doing a quilt in sections, and then joining them together with the Quilt As You Go method? This could cut down the puckering problems, and the joining strips can become part of the overall design.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love from England, Muv

  11. Lovely quilting!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

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