A Real True Honest to Goodness Finish

Okay, I get excited when I finish a block or a round robin project, one that is finished to me, though not totally finished. And a top, that feels good too. But nothing compares to quilted and bound! (Gotta make that happen more often.)

showing quilting

36 x 36

How nice of the sun to shine just right to show th quilting. From a distance it doesn’t look too bad. I recently read that one should be at least four feet away to evaluate a quilt. It does put irregularities into perspective.

And the binding. This is the first time I’ve actually gotten batting to fill the whole binding and gotten the second side to cover the stitches and kept the second stitching on the first side’s binding. In addition to that, the mitered corners came out right. That’s enough firsts to get excited about. 🙂

It is no longer enough to just photo a quilt, but my friends are posing them for portraits. It is fun. I really wonder about the outside shots, especially some gorgeous ones on the snow and on the sand. What do you do to protect the quilt? Maybe I’ll get brave someday, but meanwhile, mine pose inside.

Quilt in lobbyAs Friday linky blogs get posted, I’ll be linking up. Buttons to the side. TGIFF is up already  because this week it is guest posted in Australia.



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12 responses to “A Real True Honest to Goodness Finish

  1. Congratulations on all those firsts, it is a great feeling finishing an entire quilt isn’t it!

  2. Yay for firsts! I felt the same way when I had to start machine binding my Project Linus quilts – but after a few it keeps getting easier. I’m with you on being protective of the quilt when taking pictures. I use my lawn in the summer if it’s dry, on the snow occasionally but mostly the floor!

  3. Cher

    hip hip hooray! this quilt is beautiful ! so nice when all those details turn out just right.

  4. Yay!~! Nice pose shot for it. 😀 Perfect location under the tree for the monkeys. Outside stuff – as long as the snow is fresh (not mucky-muddy) or the lawn is not recently mown (and thus “bleeding”), I’ve just let quilts lay right down on the ground and not worried much about them getting messed up because I almost always am doing the photo ops before the quilt goes into the washer, anyway. Pure whites I do fuss more about. If you want to drape them in trees, though, be careful about sap. and when it’s MINUS 11 degrees out there (like this week) I don’t do outside. period. lol!

  5. Nice work! Having a project quilted and bound is a great feeling. I hear you on the quilt-“posing” … I’ve never been one for outside quilt pics, unless it’s on the clothesline … just can’t bring myself to put a brand-new quilt on the grass!

  6. If it is cold and the snow is dry, it works well to just lay it on the snow and whisk it up again. Particularly if you let the quilt cool off first, it won’t pick up hardly anything. One good shake and it will be dry.

  7. Congrats on the head to toes finish! It looks great!!

  8. Congratulations on stitching the perfect binding on a very cute quilt!
    I use our fence to hang quilts for photographing, but there are days or even weeks when that’s not possible because of rain and/or wind. Indoors pictures are a problem at this time of the year as there is only a short window of proper light.

  9. Cute quilt! Sounds like a lot of firsts for you! Congrats on them! I agree it does feel good to have a finish! I do a lot snapshots outside. Lately on the fence. I may pick up a leaf or two that will shake out! Your last image looks great since you have a lot of natural light coming through your window.

  10. dezertsuz

    It looks so pretty! Your quilting looks great, and your litany of firsts is praiseworthy. =) Congratulations!

  11. TamG

    I like the way you posed the quilt. It shows off the quilt yet puts it in context as it will be used. I haven’t figured out a good way to photograph quilts so I’m putting your idea in my idea box. What are you doing with this one?

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