Weather Watching–Finished

It is always a relief to sew the last stitch!

1 Weather finished

52 x 72 inches

I’ve read others writing about quilting with gold to blend a variety of colors, and I had some Aurifil caramel on hand, so tried it. Even though the lighter creams and grays didn’t glare on dark fabrics from a distance, they did  up close. The Caramel doesn’t. Nor is it excessively dark on the light. So I’ll be using it again.

I mostly did a large meander over the whole and a medium meander in the outer border.  I did a hatch between numbers and letters to puff out the figures more. And since the theme was weather, I added a sun, umbrella and snowflake–though the snowflake looks a bit more like a spider web.

It is destined for a camp for people living with AIDS, Strength for the Journey. I hope one of the campers has some interest in weather. If not, they might like the almost rainbow back. I used up the leftovers of the temperature colors, and what I had left determined the width of the stripes on all but the gold–I didn’t want as big of a gold strip as what I had left.

1 weather back

I didn’t start out to do a rainbow quilt, though that was a guild project this year. It just seems difficult to do weather without using hot and cold colors and that ends up the full spectrum.  However, it is possible to be more creative, as you’ll see if you check out the Facebook group, Weather or Not (It is a public group, so you should be able to browse.) You will also see the more traditional approach to making a quilt based on temperature.

I missed finishing by Friday for TGIFF (button in sidbar); if I remember I’ll link next week.

Quilt history:

Finished top

Repairing Error and Starting Numbers

Assembling blocks

Reawakening an old project

Individual blocks (here–way at bottom–and here)

I don’t see another weather quilt in my future, though it might have been fun to do a series and compare several years.  However, I really do not like monthly projects that start and stop each month. Took quite a few projects for me to figure that out. LOL.




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6 responses to “Weather Watching–Finished

  1. Bravo, a really excellent finish, and I’m grateful for the tip about quilting with caramel; something to consider on my ovarian cancer quilts, where I often have to cross from teal to cream. I think your quilt is destined to become greatly loved. It reminds me of the Crowded House song Always Take the Weather With You (

  2. The finished quilt looks great, and I’m very glad to hear about the caramel thread! Of course, mention of caramel makes me hungry…

  3. It turned out so great! Beautiful quilt, and I’m sure it will provide warmth, comfort and interest to someone. Rainbow order is always appealing 🙂

    I agree that yellow tones seem to work pretty universally as quilting thread. Pink is also a good choice.

  4. Wonderful finish! I did a temperature quilt last year, but I have to say I really like how you bordered each month and then used the fabrics & tempt in the outer border. Great ideas! If I ever do another temperature quilt … I’ll keep yours in mind.

  5. Wonderful quilt – congratulations on the finish – yay!!!

  6. dezertsuz

    I especially like the way the back looks, knowing what’s on the front. Great finish!

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