Quilt Show–First Installment

A new challenge.  I purposely take photos of the labels before the quilt so I can remember title and maker. Usually it works well.  This time, doing nothing differently than usual, I downloaded photos and all the labels grouped first and then the quilts–and those not in the order they were taken. There goes my system. So this installment will show you the ones I can reunite enough to attribute! I’ll work harder and do a post with the rest later.

ETA: I did do one thing differently. I selected all (because I wanted to deselect two–which I couldn’t). Doesn’t make sense, but maybe that is what shuffled them????

A wall of quilts greeted me as I looked right

1 wall of quilts

A small group had decided to each make the same pattern. They said that a couple fabrics ran through the series. I could not identify which it was, but it was fun to see the color variations.

And though you have seen my Water is Life quilt before, here it is hanging for a better view than draped on the couch.

1 water is life show

I didn’t have time to hang around to see if anyone stopped long enough to find the word ‘LIFE,’ but in the short time I watched, people passed by quickly. (History of the quilt in reverse here )

Next a quilt I recognized by Barbara Stanbro.

1 snakes

Snips and Snails

I’d planned to look for her quilt, but she didn’t remember which category she had put it in. Nor did I remember which quilt she had entered. So I was tickled to recognize it from having watched it grow on her Cat Patches blog. (Her blog here) And more tickled to see it had a second place ribbon for the category of Art Quilt Pictorial. I knew from her blog that she had designed it from a photograph of her brother in a class with Ruth McDowell.

Another quilt I recognized from watching it progress at a guild retreat is Tam Gardner’s Blue Stars with Orange.

1 blue star with orange

After making the blue star quilt, she decided it needed orange. What a great result!

And for some more orange, the first-place miniature quilt.

1 orange feather

Orange Feathers, Barbara Schulenberg

You are wondering how small those triangles, aren’t you? Here is my finger for perspective.

1 orange feather finger

On the subject of color, here is the winner of the In Memory of Fran: Best Use of Lime Green award, given to a 3-D quilt. The back story of the award: Fran attended retreats regularly and was quite a jokester. One day she mentioned not liking lime green, so fellow retreat goers all started to sew with lime green. And she was awarded a box of lime green fabric at the final awards section of the retreat. After making a quilt with the pieces, she said she was beginning to like lime green.  She is greatly missed.

1 elements

Though they doesn’t show as lime green, the leaves at the top are.  And the 3-D shows much better in the detail views.

Here are three of the ancient four elements: air, fire, and water.  Alas, earth is missing, though I was sure I had taken its photo.  Later I remembered that my batteries had died on the earth photo. So after changing batteries, I must have forgotten to go back. And the label for this one is also missing, though I was sure I had seen it earlier. I did see another label that mentions 3D, so maybe I confused them. So I don’t remember the exact title or the maker. If you know, please put information in the comments!

I’ll share some more from the show after I’ve matched text and quilt photos.

Edited to solve the mystery of the missing photos.




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4 responses to “Quilt Show–First Installment

  1. That’s a bizarre error, and inconvenient that it muddled your system. But you’ve managed to remember a lot despite the problem. I love that 3D quilt, such a clever idea!

  2. Looks like an amazing show and the 3-D art was very cool! It was great to see your piece in its full glory instead of just draped on a sofa 😀

  3. Thanks! I always enjoy seeing quilt shows!

  4. Cher Smith

    mini indeed thanks for the finger to show size!

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