Shaggy, Baggy Elephant Finished

The baby quilt started last week (here) is finished. I went to the post office confident of it getting to its destination in time, thinking of the old 2-day service. It is no more. Choice is 3-day or 1-day. Well, since 3-day would get it there a day after the shower, I took a deep breath and sprang for 1-day. It seemed important enough. Had I known the options, I would have tried harder to finish it by Wednesday. But this way I could pick up the books and add them to the package. It seemed the story should go along with it. There was an original Little Golden Book version and a board book. Seemed good to have both.

2 saggy bound

40 x 60 inches

Up close the peach blends better as there are peach strips on the tug boat and orange flowers. But from a distance, not so much. The border is more thematically related than color related.

And though I had enough fabric that I didn’t need to piece the back, what else would I do with the panels that were to be the covers had I made a book? I’d intended the panels to be less centered, but by the time I trimmed, they had edged middlewise.

2 saggy back

The back fabric had 17 color dots!  I think that is the most I have seen on a print, though there are usually more than colors I have noticed in a print.

I quilted it in a simple, big meander.

Post about beginning and designing here.

I’ll like with the Friday finish sites (buttons in sidebar).




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7 responses to “Shaggy, Baggy Elephant Finished

  1. Good work, and well done on hitting the deadline. It’s sure to become a treasured ‘blankie’ for the little person.

  2. dezertsuz

    It looks wonderful on both sides! I’m wincing at what one day must have cost! Everything seems more each time I go to the post office. Soon I will just decide to drive things to their destination myself. LOL

  3. Congratulations on meeting that deadline!

  4. It’s so darling! I’m sure it will be well loved 🙂

  5. Very sweet! Congrats on making your deadline. I think all quilters have experience that deadline pressure at some point (or many times, ha!)

  6. Cher Smith

    came out great and I would agree on the go with books! well done and thanks for the update on 1 day or 3 day mailing…hard to keep up with post office changes…and nice you could make your deadline.

  7. That quilt is so very cute! We used to read that book to our kids. I have seen those panels in the fabric store and never thought about making each individual page into a piece of a quilt. Super clever!!

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