Scrap Quilts

Usually my scrap quilts combine scrap pieces with a single background; however, I plan to work harder on the whole top being made from scrap. I just have a difficult time creating enough background appropriate scraps!

6-inch squares May 2019

Irish Stars #1 March 2019

Welcome Blanket #2 October 2017

Butterfly Outtakes (Scraps are the triangles cut to make butterfly blocks) April 2016

Red Tahoe Top (Scrap pieces and blocks contributed by an online guild to be made into tops at a retreat. February 2016 July

Second of 3 from Quilters Gallery December 2015

First of 3 from Quilters Gallery (Definitely needs a better name) October 2015

Salt Water Taffy (a friend gave me the pink and yellow scraps, among others) July 2015

Cracked Ice (It helps to save scraps from one project together!) December 2014

Fading Squares (Tutorial from Wedding-Dress Blue–I did change the size of the squares)

Monkey fabric leftovers (another one in need of a better name–plus the “original” that made the scraps is still not quilted!)

Turtle Triathlon (Scraps gifted–could tell they had been left from garment making) 2013

Crayon Challenge (Luckily I had scraps the colors of the craons I pulled!) July 2011