Quilted and Bound Birthday Quilt

It’s finished and on time. I don’t have anyone handy to hold it for me, so I’ll show it in parts. (The full view of the top is here.and as full a view as I could get of the back is here.) I’d originally planned .to use gold for the binding, except I used too much when I had to piece the back. So I decided on a pieced binding. Took a bit longer, but the quilting had taken less time than I’d allowed (a rare occurrence). I didn’t make any plan to match or not match to blocks nearby. I tried to do some variation of size strips and order of fabrics, but not totally random either.

As whole a view as you get:

You can see the baseball fabric on the backing, which I added after learning of a new interest. Neither the camera nor the operator knew how to adjust the light for the white of the backing and the dark of the top. The camera chose to adjust to the lighter part.

And various views: As much as I can get into one photo first.

And the two lower corners

As you can see the quilting is simple meandering. I decided that the size of the top was enough challenge; I didn’t need to add complex design, though I have several I want to be trying. There will be other chances.



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3 responses to “Quilted and Bound Birthday Quilt

  1. Meandering is good on a large quilt, especially because it’s fairly fast. Good finish!

  2. Susan Nixon

    What a great quilt! You were such a good grandma, making it big enough to grow with him, and filled with his interests. Colorful and masculine, too. I’m sure he loves it!

  3. It’s fabulous! The simple quilting lets the fabrics shine and the scrappy border is perfect šŸ™‚

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