Somewhat Scrappy

I’ve been reading Labyrinth of the Spirits by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. It’s the fourth and last in the series, Cemetery of Forgotten Books. I’d read and enjoyed the first two, then missed that 3 and 4 were translated. One problem with 800-page intense books is finding stopping places! But I managed to do a lot of mental quilting and a bit of stitching and scrap control.

Way back in October I had dug out an orphan block to use as center in a guild medallion project. ( ) I don’t really like to wait for next clues, so it was easier to let it sit till there were three. One more is due next month. Three was enough to start sketching options.

Every two months two borders are suggested and directions given. Of course at any time we can do our own thing including figuring out our own measurements. I sorta thought I’d consider options offered first, but design my own if I felt the need.

The first two suggested options were four-patch or pinwheel blocks. That was easy because there is no way pinwheels fit my center. But the four-patch didn’t work either. My orphan piece measured 23.5 x 23.5. Because it was set on point already, I didn’t feel the need of a resting border. The first border was designed for a piece 24.5. I could trim to 22.5, add a row of one-inch squares followed by a row of two-inch squares for a workable modification. I’ve had time only for the one-inch row.

The reds are scraps; the background isn’t. The 2-inch row will be the medium blue, part scrap and part the batik of the center for some continuity. The next row will be dark blue. I have yet to decide whether to point the dog-ear triangles in or out. And sketching hasn’t solved it. I’ll probably have decided by next month. The third two options were square-in-a-square or flying geese. Again an easy choice of block, but undecided where to put background/pattern colors.

Then since I stitched the last of my prepared leader/ender pieces, I had to press some 2-patch pieces so I could start on 4-patch blocks.

I’ll set them aside for some 54-40-or-fight or Jacob’s Ladder blocks.

The 15th is Scrap Happy Day. Visit Kate’s blog to see how much scraps can earn and links to some serious scrap usage.



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15 responses to “Somewhat Scrappy

  1. I love the on-point sawtooth centre of your medallion, it makes me think of Navajo rugs. I’m interested to see where your reading off-moments will take this quilt!

  2. I had missed that there were two more books in that series. Thank you for mentioning it. Love the block.

  3. That’s a great center block and intriguing start to your borders with the 2-sized squares. I’ll look forward to seeing how this works out.

  4. Susan Nixon

    What a beauty, Claire! A stunning start and I’m sure it will live up to the promise it shows for the finish.

  5. That’s an intriguing way to make a quilt…I will look forward to new borders and additions!

  6. It’s satisfying to see that you work out your designs on graph paper. So many folks use computer programs these days. I also prefer pencil and paper.

  7. love the bold contrasts on that block ^^

  8. mlmcspadden

    That is looking good!

  9. Well, I guess there’s a day for everything. I’m pretty scrap happy every day, so scrap happy day works well here!

  10. I’m not a quilter so it is very interesting to see your design on paper and read how you work out design problems.

  11. This is a great start for a medallion quilt!

  12. I have Shadow of the Wind by that author sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. Great use of an orphan block!

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