“Leaving” Is Finished

I just finished the last stitch, and I do mean last–attaching the label.

Stretching Art 19 finished

I have some quilting photos from before the facing was attached.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the whole

a stretching art quited

Once again I had to depart from nature. Plan A had been to follow the side veins. But designwise, it seemed better to alternate directions.

Ironically, of the two due in mid February, this finished one is the one with the date extension, and the one that is still only a sketch had its date shifted to Feb. 6.  At least it is only the top that is due, and I think I can get that accomplished.

Now to get it ready to mail.

Quilt history



Top FinishedThis is the post where I talk about design decisions, for those who are interested.

Sometimes quilt history is shorter than others, and of less duration.Deadlines can do that.  Stretching Art information here with photos from last year.

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13 responses to ““Leaving” Is Finished

  1. It looks really good. I particularly like the quilting in the orange sections between the veins, but overall, it has a lovely rippled texture.

  2. The finished quilt looks wonderful!

  3. I love the dense quilting on this piece! The sections with the ferny feathery motif are my favorite. Just lovely!

  4. Really lovely organic feel to the quilting. The texture makes me want to pet it. I like the way you developed your concept and carried it through to the completion.

  5. Sue

    Claire, I hope this is in a big show sometime.. the quilting and design is just beautiful.

  6. Betty Colburn

    A lovely piece. The quilting complements the design particularly well. You’ve inspired me to sign on to the SAT yahoo group.

  7. Looks fantastic and I love the little slide show you embedded in your post. I need to get slick like that on my blog! Also I like how your quilt coordinates very well with the background color on your blog 🙂

  8. I like the traditional blocks in the overall modern design.

  9. What nice quilting in your modern piece. Thanks for the slide show!

  10. Susan

    I like the quilting. There are places where it looks like a cable, but it’s where the fabric has shadows. Really a great design. I’d love to see it in person. =)

  11. paintedthread

    What a neat quilt. I love the design.

  12. Beautiful! I love the quilting you chose and the colours are fantastic. Thanks for linking to TGIFF 🙂

  13. Oh, I really like this! What a great fusion between traditional tree blocks and improv design!

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