Finished, Photographed, and Entered

Although this has been on Val’s Archives for quilting (that I didn’t do), I can’t resist showing it again for crumbs. Each 6 inch square is a crumb block made from left overs from a previous kaleidoscopic quilt. (button in sidebar)

Much as I love my dangling UFOs, I also love a finish. Cracked Ice is the first of my quilts to get a professional photograph.

Cracked Ice

85 x 100

I had read that bad photography disqualifies quilts, and I know my photos are usually too dark. Plus I didn’t have anywhere to get the required flat shot. Luckily, Bill Volckening advertised quilt photography in the newsletters for both of the guilds I attend. I was even luckier that he had time to get this photo at such a late date for entry into QuiltCon. (My entry is #973; I’ve heard of #1309–wonder how many more they had.) Every time I have this deadline crunch, I swear I’ll start earlier next time.

One design challenge was to create a placements of the blocks that would work either as a wall hanging or on a queen sized bed. Here is a bed view.

A queen sized bed playing dress up

Jolene of Good Knight Quilts did the quilting. My contribution was asking for an echo of the blue 9-patch arrangement somehow and free motion work. Jolene showed me some computer options, and we chose the square pattern for the blocks and their echos. She agreed to design curvy FMQ for the rest.  I love the results!

When it was getting close to the deadline and I thought I might miss it, I started thinking of other shows. I checked AQS, and the Paducah deadline wasn’t till Dec. 4 or 5. So I entered it there too. Here’s hoping, but not holding my breath. I remember a talk at a Quilt National show; the curator was giving a history of Quilt National and encouraging entries. She said, “Every quilt in the show was entered.”

If you are visiting from Off the Wall Friday, TGIFF, LAFF, or Finish it up Friday and want to see the beginning of this quilt, click here.

Linking up with Val’s Tuesday Archives. I didn’t do the longarm quilting, but I think Jolene’s work deserves to be looked at. The paisley/swirl/pebble part is FMQ; the squares computer assisted.

ETA a note about naming now that I have a photo to go with it.

Floor mosaicAt the Chinese Garden, each room has a different mosaic. This one is called Plum Blossom on Cracked Ice. After I had the blocks made, they made me think of this pattern, hence the quilt name. If you want to see more of plum blossoms in the garden, click here.



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25 responses to “Finished, Photographed, and Entered

  1. Cher

    fabulous! I am so excited for you to have this entered into Quilt Con and hopefully another show as well. The quilting is perfection. How wonderful that Bill could fit you in and what a great resource. And, you will be able to see your quilt in person at the show too. This is a wonderful quilt.

  2. Helen

    Wow! Beautiful work. The photography is wonderful!

  3. It looks fabulous! The photographs are great. Good luck!

  4. Beautiful quilt, and the quilting really enhances the piecing!

  5. Love how that turned out. Congrats on entering it into QuiltCon. =)

  6. OMG! Beautiful. I didn’t know you could enter more than one at one time–I am so… naive! The photos are great and I know I will be seeing this at Quilt Con! Outstanding

  7. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting! Love it! Are you going to QuiltCon?

  8. You know I love this quilt. Well done! Such a prize, whether you win or not.

  9. simply gorgeous!!! I think the quilting really highlights the piecing, great job.

  10. It’s fabulous! I love the colors you chose. But mostly I love the contrasting in quilting. Echoing your lines/corners, then some nice swirls. She did a good job, and you gave her some great ideas! good luck in the contest.

  11. dezertsuz

    The quilt is a beautiful finish, and the quilting looks amazing, too. Good luck with those entries and maybe even bringing home a ribbon!

  12. This looks great – I’ve been wanting to try improv but was worried about the finished quilt looking too busy, but I love the way you have placed the blocks here!

  13. I love your FMQ on this piece, it is beautiful. good luck for the show! 🙂

  14. That quilt is already a winner in my book! I love the blues, the setting and the quilting you selected. Congratulations on a beauty.

  15. Your quilt photographed beautifully and it really shows off your interesting design. The quilting is also gorgeous, and feels so germane to the design. Gorgeous!

  16. Entropy Always Wins

    such an amazing quilt. Really shocked it didn’t get the thumb’s up but at least you were bold enough to enter it (I’m still not there yet).


  17. Oh yes! Thanks for sharing under our longarm quilting theme this week. Jolene’s quilting accents your quilt wonderfully!

  18. This is really beautiful! It gives me ideas for a future quilt!

  19. I DO see the inspiration from that floor at the garden!

  20. Lovely! I’m so excited for you…congratulations!

  21. Just cruising around your blog for the first time. I love this quilt! Great piecing and quilting both.

  22. paintedthread

    I love the blocks, and the layout. Then I saw the quilting! Lovely, lovely quilt.

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