“Do the Work” Really Finished

And I can do real celebration now, as the final details are finished. I always forget how long it takes to stitch down the facing, sew the hanging sleeve, and add the labels. And my labels are quite simple and as small as I can make them. One of my friends makes counted-cross-stitch labels on special quilts. I should consider that. The light on today’s photo is only a tad bit better than last night’s.

The shine is closer to the actual look, but the colors are still too light. You can almost see the red big stitch in the lower left. The next photo shows the value and shine closer to the in person look.

I guess when the camera focuses on the light, the dark comes out right. If I knew how to do the manual settings, I could probably have outsmarted the automatic settings–actually I think I can view the settings on a photo and then I could duplicate them. . . . But the quilt is boxed up so it is too late to try that approach. The 8 x 8 block needed some quilting, but I didn’t want much and I didn’t want to distract from the print. This mix of fabrics will never be laundered, so minimal quilting was enough.

And here is a view of all three rows of big stitch. I kinda see the flight of a bee (doing its work) in the big stitch. Do you? Or is it my imagination only?

As I said before, my daughter sent me the vintage kimono fabric when she lived in Japan. I made two small quilts from it right after she sent it. They are dated 2007–didn’t seem that long ago.

Japan I: Torii; Japan II” Mt Fuji

These are 10″ x 10″. Someday I’ll make something big enough that I can give a better sense of the whole fabric design. When I first got the fabric, I thought, ‘Silk=crazy quilt’ and started to gather fabrics. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the embroidery of a crazy quilt would detract from the print. So it sat waiting for another idea. I’m still thinking toward the big one.

Quilt History:

First sketch November 2021

Stitching the top January 2022

In Progress January



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8 responses to ““Do the Work” Really Finished

  1. I love your stitching. I have some vintage kimono but haven’t had the nerve to cut them yet. At least your projects reminded me to think about it 🙃

  2. mlmcspadden

    Yeah for being finished!

  3. Louise

    It’s so lovely! Congrats on getting it finished and sent off 🙂

  4. Such beautiful work!! I love the designs you created with your daughters vintage Kimono – so precious xxxx

  5. Tam G

    Congratulations on the finish! Also, way to be patient on figuring out how to use the vintage kimono fabric. I have some special fabrics as well and I’m still pondering how to use them!

  6. Bravo. I sense an uphill climb with this piece – manageable, but still more work than was perhaps comfortable? Either way, it looks really good, rich and textured.

  7. Cool piece, congrats on the finish! Oh yes I remember how surprisingly long it takes to sew done facing, almost like you are working in slow motion.
    Love the little quilts you made from the vintage kimono fabric!

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