Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Every year at quilt show time, my local quilt guild has a clever challenge.  I remember two from the past: One was to draw a number, then to pull a magazine and the number is the page in the magazine. Could use words or colors or concepts for a theme.  Another was to draw a building block and include the letter and the item pictured on the block and to use the bit of red shiny fabric that was given with the instructions.  Both sounded like fun, but I was so busy getting my main quilt entries finished that I didn’t get to them.

This year I not only had an idea but also had time.  This year Melanie had printed out over a hundred Mother Goose Rhymes (She came to guild in a Mother Goose costume with a goose puppet to introduce the challenge.) I drew Old King Cole. My thoughts moved from “He called for his pipe . . .” to “This is not a pipe.”

King Cole Meets Magritte

King Cole Meets Magritte,  24 x 24

The quilt block in the background is one of 6-8 named “King’s Crown” in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks, the easiest one. The brown and black applique are made with felt (felt made from recycled plastic) and machine stitched to the quilt after the background was quilted. The words are hand embroidered with perl cotton. Instead of binding the quilt, I finished it envelope style.

My “artist’s” statement: Old King Cole replaced the crown on his head with his “Kng’s Crown” quilt block in his pocket (much lighter and easier to go incognito).  At the art museum he headed for the paintings where he gazed at Magritte’s work and pondered reality.

I was glad to learn that I didn’t have to keep it secret; I have barely managed to resist posting teasers.



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10 responses to “Nursery Rhyme Challenge

  1. mlmcspadden

    Great quilt for the challenge!

  2. What a fun challenge! It will certainly result in a great variety of quilts if everyone has a slightly different starting point. Will all challenge quilts be displayed together?

  3. Our guild also does challenge quilts. I participated once. A nursery rhyme would be challenging indeed, but looks like that your entry will be a hit.

  4. Betty Colburn

    Oh Claire, you are being subversive again. And with Mother Goose at that. (I love it.)

  5. Wow when I see a pipe I think of my grandfather and sitting in his lap as a young child while he smoked his pip (I loved the smell of the pipe tobacco, hope I did not pick up too much second hand smoke, ha!)
    What a cool guild challenge and what a cool piece!

  6. That’s a great design. I love what you did with this. Your guild is creative and funny.

  7. All neat challenge ideas. Love your response to Mother Goose. Your sewn handwriting is very pretty.

  8. I think your quilt is a hoot! Made me smile 😁

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