Miniature is finished

9 1/2 x 9 1/2

Somewhere around midnight I stitched the last stitch on the binding.

This is my first one, so it did take longer than 3 hours.  It will be interesting to see how fast the next one goes.

The directions are in Miniatures in Minutes by Terrie Sandelin.  I will have to make a bunch to practice free motion quilting over the close seams–maybe just take tucks in fabric and practice quilting until I can get a smooth curve going.  I’d really wanted circles in the “flowers.”  But when I saw the  angles in random places, ripped out and went with squares.

I went from the miniature to making 12-inch maple leaf blocks for an exchange. it was like returning to a “normal” 8 or 9 knitting needle and worsted after having made socks with a 0. Weird.  But it gives another way to get the perspective than the penny in the corner.

12 x 12 beside 9 1/2 x 9 1/2



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5 responses to “Miniature is finished

  1. Stephanie

    I like the finished product! And I think the perspective is more dramatic when you show the miniature next to the 12″ block.

  2. What a fun comparison between the block and mini quilt. Your little quilt is very charming.

    • My apologies for taking so long to approve your comment. I was out of town and could read on the Blackberry, but couldn’t click on the approve link and make it work. Thanks for dropping by; come again.

  3. Love your miniature quilt… it looks great.

  4. Claire, your mini is so cute and i love your colors! I have Terrie Sandelin’s book too and it taught me a lot. I use some of the concepts I learned in her book in my own PP patterns, like my latest post – a free mini border pattern. 3 hours is actually really good, even for someone who has done it before. Those minis are more work than people realize. LOL

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