Modern Quilts

Quilts marked with * are also listed with art quilts; in some cases the categories blur.I think it more a continuum than an abrupt divide.

Urban Chickens #2 Name changed to Put a Bird on it. November 2019

Weather Watching March 2019

Irish Stars #1 March 2019

Water is Life* May 2018

Loop d’ Loop April 2018

City Squares May 2017

Mint Swirl April 2017*

Without Orange There Would Be No Blue April 2016*

Skyline April 2016 *

Urban Chickens (It’s a Portland Thing) April 2015

Postcard Quilt May 2015

Waterfront Park May 2015

Squares, Circles, and Zigzags, Oh My! February 2014

Lacy Latticework July 2014

Weighty Reflections August 2014 *

Cracked Ice  December 2014 *