And “Solidarity” Is Finished

A little more than the original three-day estimate, to be sure. But with each closing, more time became available, and with it expansion of work to fill available time. I did end up quilting closer than originally planned; it was good to have the option.

I quilted everything except the sky then stopped. The original plan was problematic.

2 solidarity before sky

I’d planned straight lines with a scalloped bump for a cloud. First I stalled on where to put the bump. Then on how close to make the echo lines. Then on what to do with the little narrow spaces. If I hadn’t had three days to just look at it and think, I’d have quilted a big mistake. Finally I remembered advice from a quilting class: if you want something to recede, quilt it closely. I realized that all my previous ideas kept the sky at the same level as the buildings. So my old standby, meander. Or maybe it is stippling when smaller.

2 soliarity sky quilted

But I didn’t want to let the cloud idea go, so I did a wee bit of padded quilting. I’d meant to do two, but there wasn’t enough space on the left to get the padding stitched in and cut around.

Then I tried a new way of facing that I’d learned in Elizabeth Barton’s Mod Meets Improv class on the Academy of Quilting. (I was reminded of a tailoring class I’d taken years ago where at every class the instructor said of some technique, “If you don’t learn anything else, this technique is worth the class fee.” I feel that way about this facing; however, there was much else worth while too.) And the quilt is finished.

2 solidarity finished

And I can still go to the post office and get it in the mail. Time will tell if the three shows Stretching Art and Tradition is scheduled for will take place. Meanwhile I have enough books, fabric, and yarn to keep me occupied and enough food to eat for a week or so. I hope the rest of you are coping with this coronavirus thing.

ETA: As I expected, the first show has been postponed till June. I’d have had till May to complete it.  Glad it is completed.

ETA July 7: All three shows have been postponed till 2021.

History of this quilt

Stretching Art theme for 2020 and sketch

Embroidery and beginning improv

Improv finished

Template section finished

I will be linking with Needle and Thread Thursday , the Clever Chameleon, and various Friday linky parties. (Buttons in sidebar)

Linking with Free Motion Mavericks too. But, full disclosure.  The bottom half quilting was done with a walking foot. FMQ from the “river” on up.

Also linking with So Scrappy.  and Oh Scrap! The bottom section is made from true scraps; the upper from pre-emptive scraps–IE, cut from fabric purchased for another project.





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12 responses to “And “Solidarity” Is Finished

  1. That little cloud is the best! Solidarity is such a great piece. Congrats on the finish!

  2. Wow, this turned out great! Padding the cloud was a brilliant idea. 🙂

  3. I love all the little pieces, and your cloud came out quite well, too!

  4. It’s beautiful, and totally worth the extra time and thought you put into it. How brilliant it will be, when the show finally come round, to just pull it out and send it off!

  5. Betty Colburn

    I’m glad to see you are well and working. Nice piece. I too hope those Stretching Art exhibits actually happen. I delivered my piece to Amy Nelson while I was in Texas in late February.

  6. Hi, that’s a really lovely quilt. You did a great job on the receding sky and cloud! I do hope that it eventually gets shown. If you feel like it, please consider linking up to to Free Motion Mavericks. We’d love to have you join the fun!

  7. Beautiful quilt, Love the river, the city, it was fun to watch it growing. Cute cloud!

  8. heulwenprice

    That’s a lovely piece, congrats on the finish!

  9. Susan Nixon

    It turned out quite well. I think your quilting is wonderful and suggests a swooping upward motion through the crowd and wall, giving it a positive feeling. Well done, Claire!

  10. Looks great. Love the puffy clouds.

  11. I hope your show goes ahead, but I’m sure it’s a great feeling to have it completed regardless and not sitting in your queue causing mental drag. Nice choice on the sky finish. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the Chameleon’s colour and inspiration party.

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