Urban Chickens Quilt Finished!

The only thing I can think of that is more fun than finishing a quilt is starting a new one; however, today’s post is about finishing.

Two views.

Featuring yellow

Featuring the light corner

Featuring the dark side

And featuring the darker side.

I am surprised at how stiff it is; I wonder if that is a feature of finishing the binding by machine. I hope it softens with washing.

This quilt got a little random for my taste.  I combined squares as the colors appealed to me while I worked, thinking I’d be able to arrange them into a coherent design. I did stop and check whether I needed more light or dark, but that is about all. If/when I make a solids version again (I definitely have a print version planned) I think I’ll borrow a page from the Blooming 9-Patch and make sure each block has one color of an adjacent block.

Here are links to the tutorial and  history of the quilt for newcomers to my blog (and the last links show better views of the quilting for those interested):

Michelle’s tutorial is here

My quilt started here in September 2013 with the pattern.

It progressed in December 2013 when I was Queen Bee of Simply Solids Bee and I received 10 Bee blocks here.

I organized, cut squares, and shopped for fabric in August 2014.

I got a kick start at a retreat in the fall followed by another retreat and then got the Top finished November 2014 at home.

After that flurry, a rest–for that quilt top. And finally, quilting started here and progressed here

Linking with LAFF, TGIFF, and Finish it Up Friday . Also putting the pastel side forward for Creative Goodness.

I just found Binding Blitz link up, and how fun that I have a bound quilt to share there!



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15 responses to “Urban Chickens Quilt Finished!

  1. dezertsuz

    Well, I still like it as is. Congratulations on the finish. I think it’s fabulous!

  2. I think it looks great- I do hope that you get it to soften up as you want 🙂

  3. Looks Fantastic! I like the gradation of the colors you choose!

  4. This is lovely; such a fun block and you matched the fabrics beautifully.

  5. Wonderful finish! After making one of these blocks for an on-line bee, it’s nice to see them in a finished piece. I’m sure the quilt will soften up with washing… I’ve yet to have one that hasn’t!

  6. What a great pattern. It came out well!

  7. I love the pattern of the quilt and your colors. Now I want to make one too 🙂 I think it would be a fun one to quilt.

  8. Congratulations on your finish and thanks you for linking up with me for TGIFF. It’s a really fun pattern and your plans for a print and perhaps another solid version sound great!

  9. runandsewquilts

    You have a very nice quilt there and I’m sure the binding will soften with a washing.

  10. I do like your quilt as-is. I think it occupies that space where it will appeal to traditionalists as well as modern quilters — otherwise known as TIMELESS. 🙂 Yes, your quilt will soften up with washing. They always do. With every one of my quilts I am worried by the time I finish quilting that I have quilted too much and they are too stiff, but then they come out of the wash all soft and snuggly every time. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  11. Kat

    Love it! Looks awesome!

  12. It’s cool how different the quilt looks depending on how it’s is placed on the bed. No need to change the quilt when a person wants something different, just change how it’s laid on the bed.

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