Return to the MasterClass

1/12/16  Reawakening this post for Val’s Tuesday Archives (Button in sidebar)

After a break in completing assignments, I’m back this June with a finish for the Masterclass.

First the sketch that both my commenting classmates and I preferred:

sketchI never was happy with the upper three curves.  Design often results this way for me.  I get an idea, but it doesn’t fill the whole quilt. What to do with the space left over?

I solved this one with a batik.

Finished quilt

I had nothing in mind except shapes, colors and values when I made it; however, looking at it makes me think of riding a roller coaster. Do you see it? Or something else? I could make “Roller Coaster” the title, but it would shut off other observations. I really hate coming up with titles!

Now to wait a day or two for July’s assignment. It’s good t be back in production mode.

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5 responses to “Return to the MasterClass

  1. Cher

    I think the batik was a perfect way of filling in those spaces…I do like how this turned out…well done!

  2. I agree – I don’t think you should name it after what you see because it limits the viewer. I see a musical instrument the first glance and then again I thought “roadmap” . I love it!

  3. I see the neck of a guitar

  4. I see Rivers on Mars! I like it.
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  5. The batiks really make it pop….a great art exercise for sure!

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