Stretching Art Project (70273) Finished

And here it is.

70273 finished

(It is more rectangular than the photo looks.) I am mostly satisfied with the result. I wish only that I’d calculated the trim line a bit better when outlining the space around the numbers. I liked it better when there were two or so rows of quilting all around it instead of the cut off on the bottom. I also forgot to calculate the loss of measurement when turning under a facing instead of adding a binding. Maybe I’ll remember next time. Once I finished the wishbone quilting in the back leg of the Xs I was sure I also liked the ruching. I’d been undecided till then on whether or not it had been a good idea. And the varied widths of the echoing turned out to be a good decision, I think. A little variety within the similarity and a ripple effect like a stone in a pond.

Here is a close up of the quilting.

70273 quilting detail

If I do stuffed quilting again I hope I can do a nice small stipple instead of the solid scribble that I ended up doing. And I’ve read that others use wool batting. Maybe that would have given a fuller stuffing, or maybe the wrinkles come from making large shapes instead of more delicate ones. I foresee more practicing in my future.

If you are not familiar with the 70273 project, here is information. (They reached the total of blocks February 14, 2019, but are still assembling quilts, and the education aspect remains.)

This quilt’s history


Quilting decisions

I have no other immediate deadlines. (And this quilt will get to its destination 10 days before it is due. Perhaps this is the end of my last-minute finishes.) The Stretching Art and Tradition pieces will be exhibited in Mancuso shows in Lancaster PA and somewhere in New England. I’ve lost the specific information, but will edit when I find it.)

I’ll be linking with TGIFF, Finished or Not, and Off the Wall.



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13 responses to “Stretching Art Project (70273) Finished

  1. What a nice quilt, congratulations on this finish, your quilting is perfect. And thanks for the link to the 70273 project!

  2. Beautiful, and the story makes it incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  3. mlmcspadden

    The quilting turned out perfect for the quilt! The ripple effect is wonderful, esp. with the greater story behind the quilt.

  4. I like how it turned out very much; I think you’re too critical of your own work. The scribble has produced a lovely textured but flat surface.

  5. Betty Colburn

    What a good way to “advertise” a worthy project.

  6. Ah, those scribbles. I do them too, but I refer to them as wonky teeny stipples. It’s so hard to do them, but whatever they are, the effect of them is stellar on this quilt. Nicely done! I think it’s lovely.

    I work around some of the facing-edge loss by understitching that facing to tack it down a bit more. That step is on my tutorial for Faced Binding on my blog, and is one that most faced binding tutorials don’t include. Even with that, it still is more of a round edge, I think.

    I made some blocks for them, but how nice to see this! Bravo!

  7. Excellent work! I forwarded your post to Jeanne, who started the project. She lives just up the road from me, but we only see each other online!

  8. Brava! It turned out so wonderfully! I love the ghostly trapunto numbers.

  9. This is a very interesting exploration of quilting. Thanks for that closeup shot.

  10. Norma Schlager

    The quilting is a perfect ending to a great quilt. I love the trapunto effect on the numbers.

  11. It’s a lovely tribute to the memory of the people who had mental illnesses and were murdered by Hitler.

  12. dezertsuz

    It is amazing, Claire! I do like the ruching, and I think the quilting is perfect. This will bring a lot of attention to the project.

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