Two Baby Quilts and a Doll Quilt Finshed

All finished and ready to take to guild tonight. The last two, as the others, got meander quilting.

1 squares finished

1 animal finished

I thought the animal print was really cute and that the dark blue would set it off well; it does but it makes for a rather dark baby quilt. To lighten it a bit, I quilted it in bright green.

1 animal detal

It helped only a little.

After a lot of dithering, I bordered the butterfly doll quilt. A dark showed up the butterfly much better than the light I had started out with. It took several tries to find the right dark.

1 buttrfly finished

16 x 16

And a cuddle fabric backing.

1 butterfly back

Sometimes the cuddle fabric doesn’t shed, but most times it does. Not sure what the trick is when cutting it. I’ll be glad when the stash of it is used up. I’m getting there–most have to be pieced now.

History: Beginning (here); process (here and here). It’s pretty rare that posts in a row contain start, process, and finish.

If I remember I’ll edit later to join Let’s Make Baby Quilts and TGIFF.




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9 responses to “Two Baby Quilts and a Doll Quilt Finshed

  1. All those finishes at once! I’m wondering if spraying the cuddle fabric with spray starch before cutting might prevent some of the shedding…?

  2. mlmcspadden

    Yeah for the finishes!

    • They announced the year’s total, but I did’t get exact numbers written down fast enough. Over 1000 doll quilts and around 200 baby quilts. The “head elf,” aka fire fighter who came to pick them up, said they like getting them throughout the year,especially the doll kits so they can make up kits (doll plus quit or bear + quilt) as they have time rather than a last minute rush. He also told how many families they serve, but I don’t have a head for remembering numbers. It was a lot.

  3. The dark background made a big difference with the butterfly. I really like it this way! Congrats on all three finishes 🙂

  4. I especially like those bright fabrics scattered on the dark blue! I need to remember that for when I have limited supply of a kid fabric.

  5. Susan Nixon

    Great finishing! I think the dark is fine on the baby quilt. Any baby will head straight for those bright patches, and the dark won’t show stains. =)

  6. You are “kicking butt” on projects! I love the picture of the cuddle back, looks like a cozy nap!

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