Infant Quilt for Toy and Joy

I have finished the last quilt for the Toy and Joy project this year.  Before I show you the quilted version, let me tell you about a design decision, made using precise artistic principles, not.

I had debated whether to add a border or not. It measured about 33 inches square, so would have been big enough. But did I want the pieced sashing/border to be eaten by the binding process? Decision made by a toss, not the toss of a die.

infant scrap border fabric

I had just pressed some fabric that was to be a border on another WIP, and the infant quilt got tossed on top of it while I pondered quilting design. I really liked the darkening of the colors that were in the center strip of the border and knew I had enough to add an inch.  I don’t do forced random, but I will accept random after auditioning. (I once had a semiotics professor who pondered if her books had an effect on each other…maybe I should ponder the same about my fabrics.)

So, here’s the bordered and quilted top (and bound, since I did envelope style finishing).

Quilt top

~34 x 34

What was meant to be an inch border became more like 3/4 inch after trimming and stitching. So it almost looks like a binding.

For those who haven’t seen prior posts, here is the link to Mishka‘s tutorial for the block. And for those interested in the history of this leader and ender project, here is the post of the first finish with all the links.This is the second from the blocks of this pattern, and there is one more in the works.

Now for the quilting, a front detail so you can see how the quilting relates to the patchwork.

infant scrap detail

My first plan had been flower in the center of each block , filling it, and something else in the sashing and border. But when I reread Lori Kennedy’s tutorial and saw it could be used as an allover design, I decided to try it. Here is the back view for the allover look.

Quilt back--Flower Power

Quilting pattern “Flower power” by Lori Kennedy of Inbox Jaunt

It is fun to quilt this design, and it goes about as quickly as meandering.

So my contribution is eleven doll quilts and two infant quilts. If at guild they announce the total, I’ll come back and edit it in.

ETA: At guild they announced they had given 1100 doll and infant quilts! And because it is Thursday, linking with Needle and Thread Thursday, button in sidebar.

Linking with Oh Scrap!, Free Motion Mavericks, and eventually with Let’s Make Baby Quilts and Leader/Ender Challenge. Buttons in Sidebar.





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12 responses to “Infant Quilt for Toy and Joy

  1. Your serendipitous pairing turned out so well! I love the grounding it gives to that very cute blanket. Your quilting is also so beautiful. I”ll have to look up that rose pattern, as I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. It makes a very good frame, and blends beautifully. I’m a great believer in the joyful acceptance of happy accidents!

  3. Perfect finish! I’ve found some great color combos by that kind of happy tossing accident, too. 8)

  4. I think the border is the perfect finish. In fact, I can’t imagine it without it. It’s a delightful quilt for a baby or young child with all the bright colors. Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

  5. Cynthia Brunz

    Very nice scrappy finish. That bit of border did finish it off nicely. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. dezertsuz

    Wonderful design decision! Nothing in life is truly random, is it? 😉 Wonderful total contribution for you.

  7. dawn at firstlightdesigns

    The quilting turned out beautifully! You have inspired me to give it a go.

  8. Love your quilting design! It looks well executed too. And the sashing/binding came out great. I like the look.

  9. Hello Claire,

    Unexpected variations to the design is half the fun of quilt making. The narrow border looks great, and the quilting worked really well. What a beautiful gift to donate for Christmas!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv

  10. Another lovely scrappy finish! Love the texture your quilting adds to this quilt, I really struggle with fmq!

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