Poky Puppy

Front, size 60 x 60

Today I put the finishing touches on this quilt for a friend’s almost 2-year old.  I was so tickled to see that Quilting Treasures offered the print. Poky Puppy was one of my favorite stories as a child, back when it was one of the original 12 or 13  Little Golden Books. The panel that became the quilt top was meant to be a book.  I also purchased the companion fabric.  Plan A was to make the book and fussy cut the puppies from the companion fabric for the front.

Back. Size 60 x 60

But the way they were positioned in the design, fussy cutting would have been wasteful.  So I decided on using it for the back.  Since I’d not planned it for backing, I didn’t have enough and had to piece, but that gave me a place to use pieces that hadn’t fit on the front. Below are some detail shots

Cover block detail

Inside the ‘book’

I am new to machine quilting but am enjoying the process.  My first plan was to use blue since there was so much sky in the blocks.  However, I realized that blue would look odd when stitched across a puppy face on the backing, so I used a light peach that blended everywhere except on the dark backing.  I finished the quilting last week and the binding today. Delivery is tomorrow.

4/3/15  A story book used in a quilt instead of making a book isn’t quite a panel, but uses some of the same ideas, so I’ll like with Tuesday Archives  (late). Button in side bar.


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11 responses to “Poky Puppy

  1. Jean

    He is sooo cute! I’m glad you put it on. I read that to GKs.

  2. I loved that book too. Very nice quilt and your quilting looks great.

  3. Janetta

    Nice one!

  4. Jody

    Claire, GOOD going gf! I am sure the child will absolutely adore it!

  5. Karen

    I love the quilt, and loved the book. Great use of the “book” fabric.

  6. Michele McCullough

    That’s so cute Claire!

  7. Anne

    It is gorgeous. I haven’t read the book but the pups are adorable. I love your idea for the back.

  8. terri414cb

    You brought back happy memories of Little Golden Books! I think your quilt is adorable and any child would love to have all those adorable fabrics on their quilt.

  9. I use to collect the Golden Books for my daughters when they were young. They sure aren’t 50 cents anymore are they…but their stories are priceless. I love this quilt Claire, esp. because sometimes I see a panel I love but then don’t know how to make it a little bit more special like you did here. You’ve inpspired me to look at panels in a new way! (Oh and thanks for adding the linky button to your blog…woot woo!!!)

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