Abrupt Shift of Quilting Projects

I’ve been leisurely quilting a bunk quilt , pausing to make a top and some blocks, stopping to read a book or two. And just generally enjoying myself. And then with April appearing, I realized that “plenty of time” no longer existed for the local guild quilt show entry.

I’d been waiting till the bunk quilt was all quilted to post, but with my shift of energies, it returns to the queue. Never one to wait, I’ll show progress.

quilting on blue

You may notice both Pin Moors and safety pins.  I bought some Pin Moors after Leah Day recommended them.  I find them about the same to insert as safety pins, but easier to remove while quilting.  Rarely, the tips fall off when I have to handle a quilt a lot–I don’t know if that is user error in my attaching them or a feature of the device. I’m not giving up the safety pins I already own, but gradually will replace them. Or buy enough that I can have several quilts pinned and ready.

postcard sashing quilting

Originally I’d planned not to quilt on the postcards; however, I pieced battings, and one needed closer quilting than the other, so what I do for one, I’ll do for all the postcard pieces. The print wasn’t made for easy continuous quilting, so quilting on some of the cards is more obvious than on others.

The variation of square spiral on the dull brown came from Angela Walker, Walters, a video somewhere–I don’t remember where.

I was debating whether to do both strips of sashing with the same design or to vary it–I was thinking triangles mignt be a nice variation. And about that time, Night Quilter posted a tutorial for “Wonky Triangles for Narrow Sashing.” Timely indeed! So I was about this degree of finished when I counted days till the quilt show quilts were due.

And got out Urban Chickens.  (Here is the top in case you forgot–I’m always surprised at how much time has passed when I go looking for an old post.)

Urban Chicken quilting

And got going on the design suggested by Kathlee Quilts’ Free Motion Friday. I got into a pleasant zone doing the squiggles, but by the time I’d finished them on  160 “chickens,” I knew I couldn’t handle that much of the same thing for the rest of the quilt, even though I had liked the look. So I am pondering designs for the square parts of the blocks.  And what do I don when I don’t know how to proceed?  Write a blog post, of course.

I figure I need to quilt 8 blocks a day to be finished in time.  It is doable if I forget about leisurely. Here’s to having an idea by tomorrow.

Linking up with Free Motion Mavericks a day late.


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8 responses to “Abrupt Shift of Quilting Projects

  1. farmquilter

    Love square spirals! It’s looking good! Did you mean Angela Walters? She’s the one I learned that design from and I use it frequently.

  2. dezertsuz

    I think those squared spirals are called Greek Key maybe? At least by longarm quilters. I really like what you are doing on the bunk quilt and on the chickens. That’s one of my favorite quilts and on my to-do list, too. Sadly, there are too many things on that list! LOL I know what I’d suggest if you had a longarm, but it would take way too much turning on a domestic machine! I know you will think of something glorious!

  3. Sleeping is overrated – just quilt your blocks through the night and be done – ha!

  4. Love your wonky triangle sashing and the FMQ. Even when the quilt motif is great, though, it can get really boring following it throughout the quilt. I tried a few different motifs in the squares in my sweet 16 quilt — spirals, spiraled squares, diagonal straight and wavey lines, and continuous curves. With all the seams, kept my quilting motifs to the smaller squares, though larger motifs that fill the full square could also work.

  5. Cher

    great job! I like how you sent the urban chicken top in and got great feedback on how to quilt it…nice!

  6. I love your idea of when the brain and fingers are stalled that writing a blog post is a good therapy. Of course, then we get to read it and enjoy your process. You have been a verrrry busy quilter! I should send over a couple of tops to get done–just put them in the line-up!

  7. Shifting projects – I do that all the time.

    I like the way you have two projects in completely different colour ranges to work on. That way you can see how the same quilting design can look completely different depending on the colour. Quilting the postcards looks like fun. Giving outlines to buildings and streets has made them look 3D, and the triangles on the brown border work well with the postcards.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks! And no, you’re not late – the link up is open until midnight GMT on Monday.

    Love, Muv

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