More Urban Chickens

After making only 11 blocks at one quilt retreat, I gave up on a finish at the second. However, I must have improved my assembly procedure as I rolled them out faster this weekend. Most fun was playing with arrangements.

Urban Chickens --early arrangement

Anything with color progression (no photos saved) was turning into rainbow more than I wanted, so we tried an irregular grouping. At this point I still needed 7 blocks.

Trying quarter log cabin arrangementAfter making two more blocks, we experimented with value gradations instead of color gradations in a  quarter Log Cabin arrangement. I had to fudge because of the rectangle shape of the whole, so still on the light-dark-light approach, I wanted a quarter to start upper left and another in the lower right, with  one overlapping the other.  To make that work I’d have had to set aside some blocks and make more than five more. Not in the plans. So the light-dark-light approach was abandoned as I made more dark and medium. Here are all the blocks in their final order:

Final arrangementI went for an “almost quarter Log Cabin,” meaning to have two rows of dark then medium and then the mixed that were left in the last two rows. I didn’t have enough darks to do exactly that, but decided this was good enough.

The top might have been finished if I hadn’t sewn two rows in the wrong order and had to rip or if I hadn’t sewn a row and a half with an empty bobbin.

Instead of finishing it when I got home, I had to shift to preparing Cracked Ice for Good Knight Quilts to work her magic. Now that it is in her hands, I can return to the chickens.

Oh, BTW, one retreat tradition is “awards.”  I got the “Portland Put a Bird on it” award of Portlandia fame.

Linking with Lee at WIP Wednesday.

I had hoped to have the top all together by now, but since it isn’t, I’ll link progress to Sew Solid Sunday.

The top is now finished!





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5 responses to “More Urban Chickens

  1. Sue

    It’s looking great – I can see your grandson when he gets older play with driving his small cars on this quilt. Maybe Grandma can make houses and stores with boxes for it too. Sue

  2. dezertsuz

    So many possibilities! This block is still in my want-to-do pile. It sounds like you had a great retreat this time, too.

  3. It’s so nice and colorful! And yes, I know what you mean about delays due to sewing with no bobbin thread, I’ve done that too.

  4. I found your original Urban Chickens blog post and then kept right on reading, not realizing that they were all from a year ago (but I had fun reading!). So I’m filling your mailbox with blog comments (as you know, no need to reply to them all).

    Loving this quilt. I’ve been intrigued with this block ever since that first post–it’s a good one for keeping movement in the quilt. I do like that final arrangement and clucked in sympathy with your “sewed a row and half without bobbin thread.” Been there, done that too many times!

  5. Beautiful! I love the combo of the squares and triangles! Thanks for linking up with Sew Solid Sunday!

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