Urban Chickens–Top Finished

finished top

60 x 48

The top is together. I managed to maintain the layout chosen at the second retreat.

Realizing that the bottom row and the left most row will not be seen, given the angle of my bed in the room, I’d not wanted any favorite blocks there. However, a friend pointed out that I could alternate the way the quilt lay on the bed.

If I make another, I may limit the palette more; however, my bedroom needs all this brightness. The pattern works very well with prints as well as solids. And I’m wondering if it could go totally scrappy? I’m starting to save scraps in bunches of 4 blocks (3 1/2 square) so I can try it. Maybe a degree scrappier yet with totally miscellaneous scraps, not trying for groups of four. And I’ll probably select fabrics in closer values. The ones with very light and very dark confused the light-to-dark arrangement–which to count them? They always seemed the opposite of where they had been put. Or with a more limited palette, maybe I’d not be trying for value gradation arrangement.

I love having the “chickens” pointing every which way with an occasional block surrounded; however, now I notice that the surrounding creates a lot of emphasis. Next time I’ll select more carefully which blocks get that treatment.

I have no idea how to quilt it. Suggestions? Or whether to quilt it myself. I had enough trouble with bulk when I sewed the last seam connecting the two halves to reconsider.

ETA link to pattern so you can have it without viewing the whole history of the quilt.

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12 responses to “Urban Chickens–Top Finished

  1. That really looks like a fun quilt to make. I enjoy the randomness of the “chickens.”

  2. dezertsuz

    And it looks great! I really want to make this! The funny thing is, I’m not a pastel person, and I really don’t have a lot of pastel scraps, but that’s what keeps coming to mind! Send it out for quilting if you have the money. Let your longarmer go with her own idea, if you have someone creative.

  3. Very beautiful design! I can’t wait to see it quilted

  4. I really like the block and top design as well as your color choice. If you have longarmer to finish your quilt – go for it. I know a lot about bulk and small sewing machines. x Barbora

  5. That is a great quilt !

  6. I like your varied paths of chickens, and i didn’t notice the emphasis on the surrounded blocks until you pointed it out.

  7. It came out great! And I agree that the chicken ‘trails’ add a nice element to the quilt. Maybe the element is movement? Re to quilt in-house or out, I agree with the ‘send it out’ suggestions. Gives you more time to work on something else and less frustrating.

  8. Love how it came out, especially the ‘chicken trails’ – fun!

  9. Cher

    late to reading, but celebrating your finish, none the less! It really turned out great. I can see where making another would be very appealing. I would be tempted to add this as a new project in 2015. I am in the send it out to be quilted camp…it is going to be your treasured bed quilt…splurge and enjoy your quilt on your bed that much sooner!

  10. I love this – so colorful! It kinda reminds me of Pac-Man with the chickens chasing each other around the blocks. Really fun to look at – your eye just follows those chickens around and up and down.

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