Sewing Bee Blocks

Although the sewing is put away, I do have a photo of the blocks I have received so far as queen bee. (Can you tell I am stalling on the housecleaning project?)

bee blocks received

Urban Chicken Block

I have received two more, but with the design wall put away, can’t get them into the photo. One is pink and one is gray. Two people liked the block so much that they sent two, one with prints. The print one will find a good home in a future quilt–I like the pattern enough to do a repeat or two.

I asked my fellow bees in the Simply Solids Bee to stash dive. That meant I couldn’t request colors. I’m tickled at how balanced a palette resulted from all these people across the country selecting individually. Two more are to come in, and I’ll be making six more to cover the top of a single bed. Not sure yet what I’ll do for the borders. Unless something else pops up and demands my attention, this is my January project.

In case you love the block too, here is a link for the directions.

NewFO is starting a new year…check out peoples’ future plans.


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8 responses to “Sewing Bee Blocks

  1. Love how the blocks have turned out. Gotta remember thsi block for my use at some pt in the future!

  2. I’ll be interested to see how the finished quilt turns out.

  3. That is going to be cute and bright when it is all put together.

  4. dezertsuz

    Every time I see that block, I love it all over again. LOL Your blocks are amazingly color balanced!

  5. These are very nice blocks and wow, they do look so good together. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment about the Zentangles. I find that the quilt police can get annoying as well. My goal with Zentangles is to enjoy myself and relax , as for rules, well, I don’t push those on anyone, as I would hate to stifle anyones creativity. I am hoping that these will help with my machine quilting, that’s for next year.

  6. Love love love the multi coloured solids. So cool.

  7. Cher

    delightful blocks! good choice of block request and great to leave it open on using the stash…this will be one charming and fun top to put together!

  8. Karen Griggs

    Urban chicken!! What a good name for the bright quilt. I am working on a brightly colored checkered border for one in the Pre-cut Combo Quilts book.
    Karen Griggs

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