Action on Urban Chickens Quilt

At last one of the guild retreats that I’ve been saving the squares for Urban Chickens to work on.

Urban Chickens progress

Please forgive the flowered bed spread under the blocks and imagine it away. This is a tentative layout so I can see what colored blocks are needed. I’ll have as many blue and purple blocks as I can: they have been the hardest colors to get good variety of this year.

If you are interested in making theUrban Chicken block, here is a tutorial by the designer, Michelle Friedman. I made them the 3 1/2 inch squares way instead of her tube way. Both work.

I took the 11 blocks that I received as Queen Bee almost a year ago. I’d cut squares over a month ago. May be the earliest I’ve ever prepared my projects for a retreat! I made 11 more blocks at the retreat, and I have another retreat where I’ll be working on them next weekend. I need 40; if those don’t cover the mattress, I’ll need 48. Usually I enlarge by adding borders, but I like this design better without borders.

I plan arranging them light to dark and back to light as much as possible.  I started the project wanting each block to be four different values.  As I worked, I realized I liked four near values better. But there will be a place for the mixed-value blocks between the  light and dark sections.

I want to group the blocks by color, but not quite rainbow, though there are rainbow colors there. I’ll not use rainbow order. And no rainbow has brown and gray that I know of.

I’ll be linking with Design Wall Monday (even though this project is larger than my design wall, so is on the “design bed” and Anything Goes Monday. And since I don’t have anything newer to share, also linking with WIP Wednesday.


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5 responses to “Action on Urban Chickens Quilt

  1. Love how it’s looking! And love the one block that is multi-colored, not just multi-shaded. =)

  2. dezertsuz

    A block I still plan to try out with my scraps. Sadly, I have more scraps and ideas than time! I love your blocks and look forward to seeing the final ones come together. Retreats are the best things ever!

  3. What a cute block! I’ve never heard of it. Will check out the link you provide. I am liking how happy this is, lots of movement.

  4. Cher

    hey! what a great photo Claire…it was a great retreat and you get to go enjoy another one too! I can’t wait to see your progress when you get back

  5. Teje

    Looks beautiful! I love your colours and triangles and squares are my favourites!

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