Major Piece Finished

Two weeks to the day. My time estimates aren’t usually so accurate. The main, irregular piece is finished.

The yardstick is there for perspective. I do not recommend this as a summer project. It is quite a lap warmer.

As with the Baby Surprise, the lower right corner gets turned up to the center top.

The armhole is 2-4 inches deeper than it needs to be. Remembering batwing sleeves of an earlier fashion, I had decided to err on too big.

I have ends to weave in, shoulder seams to sew, and sleeves to lengthen. Then finish with an I-cord binding. Maybe I’ll get to wear it yet this winter.

There is an alternative finish where I would lengthen sleeves while the piece is flat then attach the shoulders with three-needle I-cord attachment as I bind off. Sewing the shoulder/sleeve seam seems easier.

In case I have nothing new to show in the next 5 days, I’ll mention Scrap Happy and Kate’s blog for links to more scrappy goodies after the 15. Of course it’s fun to see any time. And, yes, all the yarn is scrap, and there is more for yet another project.

Here’s the source of instructions for anyone ready to make one.



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7 responses to “Major Piece Finished

  1. Susan Nixon

    That’s one of those bits of magic I don’t understand. =)

  2. What a lovely piece this is for sure.

  3. Maribeth

    I think that will look fabulous on you! Congratulations.

  4. It’s a knitting pattern designed by Maurits Escher, I feel sure… The stripes really do make it look much more complicated until suddenly, tah-dah! It’s a garment! Really great scrappy project 🙂

  5. Well it is a wee chilly right now so a lap warmer sounds like a great idea. I love the name of the pattern – it would be a “complete surprise” to me if I got something that complex finished – ha! Looks like you are making wonderful progress!

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