Adult Surprise 2/3 Finished

I was not prepared for how much more unwieldy the Adult Surprise would be than the Baby Surprise. It didn’t take long to shift from a 24-inch loop to 60. But I have made progress from the bit in my earlier post:

I’d not noticed when planning the pattern that the increase “half” is 9 rows fewer than the decrease portion. While I hadn’t planned an exact mirror image on the second part, I’d intended the blues to be the same size and the “other” stripes to be about the same size. The plan was in my head, not drawn. Luckily I started to make reverse color notes and saw what was happening. So I didn’t just run out of space, but began several truncated stripes. I don’t think it will be noticeable in the finished product.

I’m a bit concerned that the finished product will be gaudy. I’d wanted stripes for two reasons: to use up leftover yarns and to accent the right angles. It will do that.

At the rate I’m knitting, and if there are no squirrels, it should be finished in a week or two.

The Stretching Art and Tradition project that I sketched here ( ) has been postponed a year. So that won’t intrude.



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6 responses to “Adult Surprise 2/3 Finished

  1. The trick will be discerning the difference between a true squirrel (and ignoring it) and a light relief squirrel, and permitting yourself a brief distraction 🙂 I love your stripes, and don’t find them at all gaudy.

  2. Maribeth

    Hoping for no squirrels! I can’t wait to see this on you, and I also thing the stripes are lovely!

  3. Goeckers

    I love the knit and reknit reasoning. Think of the money saved from buying more. Like eating leftovers! Stay safe,


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  4. Susan Nixon

    That’s going to be so pretty. I have some yarn that would have gone right with that. =)

  5. It’s fun to watch you do this, and I’m happy just to stick with quilting!

  6. I love the striped pattern you are using, that is going to be awesome finished!

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