Finished: Adult Surprise Jacket

It takes a lot longer to knit the adult-sized sweater. Then the finish takes longer than expected after the false-finish feeling once the “blob” is finished. Especially the I-cord bind off.

But I like the look of the finish and would do it again. The buttons are pottery, which my daughter got me from Japan quite a while ago. Since they require hand washing, I’d always thought their best use was on a wool knitted sweater. However, I don’t make sweaters very often. These buttons are decorative only because I didn’t make buttonholes.

I got the I-cord instructions from this handy book.

But it didn’t give any hints for a smooth join. I wish I hadn’t made the join in the front.

I suppose it’s one of those flaws that will be visible mostly to me and other experienced knitters.

And here is the end product.

Jacket history.


In process 1

In process 2



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8 responses to “Finished: Adult Surprise Jacket

  1. Sue Goecker

    I love the sleeves. I tried one on once in a knit store. If I wore sweaters, I would be tempted. I get too warm. It looks very nice.

  2. Louise Hornor

    That is so neat! I love the way the stripes turn the corner. I guess that’s part of the surprise 🙂

  3. I love, love, love this sweater. You look fabulous in it! Congratulations on finishing.

  4. It’s very flattering – well worth the time and effort, I’d say. All and any defects are visible only to you.

  5. That turned out well! I like the graphic appearance.

  6. What a cool jacket – congratulations on the finish!

  7. Susan Nixon

    That came out great – even better than the baby size.

    • Thanks. With the analytics of The Complete Surprise, the surprise is partly removed because you have an idea where your knitting will end up in the jacket. So I could sort of plan.

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