Floating Squares 2, Step 2

In a non-quilting day in which to ponder step 1; I decided that squares would not do the Utopia fabric justice; plus I had odd-shaped pieces left from the first quilt.

So I opened up the ‘design bed’ and laid out the leftover pieces, considered where each of the three Floating Square segments (predominantly red, predominantly green, predominantly aqua) would go, then laid out the “squares” accordingly.

city2 layout 1

Blue tape marks goal of 50 x 70

In case you didn’t guess, the arrangement is subject to change. This looking and rearranging is the part of improv that I enjoy the most. The only thing that hurries me on is the need to fold up the Hide-A-Bed; it takes up the whole living room walking space.

I remember now the ah-ha from the first try; I need more big squares. So I cut a bunch in each of the colors and am ready to start stitching.

I think using left overs from quilt 1 qualifies this as a scrap quilt even though some of the solids are new yardage, so I’ll be linking to Oh Scrap! (button in sidebar).



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4 responses to “Floating Squares 2, Step 2

  1. Lovely – I’m very partial to that fabric, so I’m glad it’s being resurrected! And if you have progress to show on July 15, would you also like to show it as part of ScrapHappy?

  2. dezertsuz

    I love seeing it this way, because then I get an idea of the real size of the parts. The squares are much smaller than I thought!

  3. I love it – the Design Bed! I have used those too. I agree it can give a better perspective of the size. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  4. Cher

    glad you are re-arranging and enjoying the results. look forward to the next step

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