Quilt Show–Traditional or Modern?

These last quilts meet some tradition and some modern criteria. Sometimes it seems thinking in a continuum instead of in categories makes more sense. There were a couple quilts in the second show post that I thought also had some features of each. If I’d planned ahead to this post, I’d have saved them for it.

I think I remember others having distinguished between contemporary quilts and modern quilts that follow the “modern aesthetic.” In that classification, these would perhaps be contemporary quilts. There is no doubt in my mind that future historians would look at them and know they were made early twenty-first century.

NW Calypso

Jan Laus’ “Calypso”; quilted by Robin Hill

“Calypso” design comes from Smith and Milligan’s Simple to Sensational Batiks.

NW Radiant Suns

Darlene Miller’s “Radiant Suns”

“Radiant Suns” is a pattern by Cara Gulati.

There are those who question whether modern quilts can be made with batiks. I’ve heard other such absolutes be modified in a year or so.

NW Suitcase quilt

Carol Brown’s “Suitcase Quilt”; quilted by Carol Parks

Carol’s design source is “Trip X 2,” […] Designs. Alas I cut off too much of the right side of the label to read the full name.  This quilt won the Linda Tamlyn award for best use of color. Well deserved, don’t you think?

NW Splat

Jackie Putnam’s “Splat”

Jackie followed Bethany Reynolds’ Stack and Whack method. Sometimes I wonder at the source of a quilt name.There must be a story.

NW Quilt of Valor

Charel Walker’s Quilt of Valor; quilted by Colleen Barnhardt

Charel’s design came from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Quite a few guild members  make quilts of valor.

And I remembered quilting shots on this one and the next one.

NW quilt of valor detail

Nw orange parfait

Kazumi Peterson’s “Orange Parfait”

NW orange parfait detail

Kazumi modified a Fons and Porter “Easy Quilts” design. Her award is for the small pieced quilt category.

I just want to say again that what category I place a quilt into (or that others do) has nothing to do with how much I enjoy a quilt.  This is the last show post and I look forward to the next show.





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7 responses to “Quilt Show–Traditional or Modern?

  1. You know I have a thing about labeling. That said, in my opinion, block quilts are “traditional” because they are made in a traditional format. So to me, these are all traditional regardless of color or block style/pattern. Whatever they are called, these all are very attractive and look well made.

    • I think it was the block format that gave me pause as well. I’d probably not have gotten into definitions apart from having decided to post 10 traditional and 10 modern, then not always being able to decide.

      That said, I thoroughly enjoy definition discussions–I would probably been quite happy in a medieval setting debating how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. And definitions have to be tested by looking at examples, especially borderline examples.

      And I keep the analytical and the appreciation compartments well separated in my brain. 🙂

  2. Personally, it’s a matter of indifference how a quilt is labelled; if I love it, I love it! And there’s never any hard and fast rule about what I love: I respond to colour, lack of it, shape, rhythm or whatever. That said, although I’m not normally a great fan of quilts that repeat the same motif multiple times in the same colours, Charel’s Quilt of Valor is my favourite of this selection.

  3. The Charles quilt of valor, I have been working on a quilt from that same pattern. It came from a quilt magazine quit a while ago. I am almost done with all the blocks. I need to finish it. I just made the blocks as I got the scraps from other projects. I love scrappy quilts. I think it is one of the prettiest scrap pattern around. Thanks for sharing the show.

  4. The line seems blurry between traditional and modern at times. Enjoyed these photos!

  5. dezertsuz

    A very nice show, and it looks like there was something for just about anyone’s taste. Thanks for sharing these. I haven’t been to a show in a couple of years, because I missed our local show last year, Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild Show. It’s in a new venue really around the corner from me – maybe 4 miles, if that, across the street from my local library, this year, so I absolutely WILL go, even if I have to go alone.

  6. It’s fun to see these quilts regardless of the category–thanks!

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