Quilt Show–Second Installment of Modern

Now for the modern quilts (in my eye) that were not so labeled.  In some cases it may have been a factor of size–big bed quilts have to hang on big frames (and the committee has the right to change categories). First the biggest, the queen sized quilt:

NWM2 aviatrix

Tam Gardner’s modification of Elizabeth Hartman’s “Aviatrix Medallion”

Tam’s quilt was quilted by Jolene Knight of Good Knight Quilts–I apologize for not having photos of the quilting–or of any of the quilting for this group.

NWM2too much for me

Maureen Orr Eldred’s “Just a Little Too Much For Me” quilted by Kathy Morrison.

Maureen used “It’s a Plus” pattern by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic.

NWM2 red sunrise

Marjorie Rhine’s “Red Sunrise,” an original design

Marjorie Rhine reappears via her pattern, “Rotini.”

NWM2 Bali-tini

Nikki Schoeffel’s Bali-tini

NWM2 polka dot com

Kathleen E Schmidt’s”Polka Dot Com 2016″

Kathleen used a Freddy Moran pattern, Dot Con, and the quilting is by Jolene Knight.

NWM2 baskets

Sharon Bishop’s “Wonky Baskets”

Sharon took a workshop with Kristen Shields but produced her own free form, liberated baskets and layout design. Kazumi Peterson did the quilting.

NWM2 reverse star

Pieced and quilted by Kathy Morrison

My photograph of the label doesn’t show Kathy’s title; it does show that the pattern came from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

These quilts each struck me as modern in some way or another. I am always interested in definitions and would welcome comments about the degree of modernness that you see or don’t see in them.  Although I can get caught up in discussion of criteria, it doesn’t inhibit my quilting style or appreciation.





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4 responses to “Quilt Show–Second Installment of Modern

  1. I LOVE the first one, not just the design, but also the colour scheme, which really appeals to me

  2. If you look around the WWW at the variety of quilts called modern, it’s obvious why my definition is: “It’s modern if I say it is!” So the quilts you show here are modern! 😃

  3. Dorothy Matheson

    The second one is my favorite. But it is a color thing not that it is nice and modern by my eye. All look like they do fit my definition of modern. Nice quilts.

  4. dezertsuz

    Since I’m always at a loss for what makes a design modern, I can contribute nothing to the discussion. I do like the wonky baskets a lot, though. Thanks for sharing what you found interesting. I didn’t find any of them unappealing.

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