2014 In Review

Whee! I just learned to make a collage–how fun! Thanks Susan. So, the year in review. I was most interested in showing the variety. I really do love it all. There are more art quilts than usual because of my taking the MasterClass with Elizabeth Barton. I finished only six of the assigned 11. Monthly projects consumed quite a bit of time. Five pieces are challenge pieces–you hear about them, you are interested, there is a deadline, you set other things aside–always fun. And it does push to the finish. Three are group projects: a round robin and two made from blocks made by others. One is from a tutorial. And only one is my own idea from start to finish, and even on it, the finish was done by a professional longarm quilter–queen size is too big for my DMS to handle. I don’t make a lot of goals, but one is to make more quilts that are my own idea from start to finish.

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For some reason two didn’t make it to the collage. They showed up on the “canvas”; the count said “17,” but only 15 showed. Here they are: one for the class and one assembled from blocks made by others.

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And here are the doll quilts (I forgot to choose a background, so got the default black). All but three started with blocks made by others. The collage program crops photos in odd ways–I haven’t figured out if I have any control over that yet.
Made with PhotoCollage.net

I have been so conscious of what did not get finished (about the same number of items as are shown here), that it is quite a surprise to see how much is finished. I don’t set goals in terms of specific quilts to start/finish, but more general ones. Like, now that I have begun FMQ, I had wanted to quilt all those tops in waiting. And the pile is still there because I got distracted by the class and challenges. And the blocks I started in quiltalongs need to become quilts. Do I want to make a goal not to be distracted?  Kinda sorta. But also kinda not, because I learn something from the challenges and quiltalongs, and they are fun. It helps that quilting is my hobby and not my career.

My balancing act goal: to finish as much as I can while being as flexible as possible.

Thank you for visiting, and come back to see what choices I make in 2015.

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6 responses to “2014 In Review

  1. quilt32

    I agree with you that quilting is a hobby and not a career and I also enjoy approaching it that way. You did some beautiful work this year.

  2. Looks like a varied and successful year to me. Lovely work!

  3. You’re welcome. =) You don’t have a lot of control, but sometimes either the layout you choose, or swapping photos helps. Not always! That’s a great lesson in what we focus on, isn’t it? I, too, focused on what did not get done and was surprised to see what did! I think that’s a great distinction you made in the last sentence. Not having it be a career gives us lots more options to develop things the way we really want to, and to fail if it turns out that way.

  4. Blogging is a great way to keep track of everything we do. I love seeing what other quilters do. Although finishing is nice and a goal to work toward, just the process of making new items is a great learning experience. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Cher

    great job with the collage photos! I think you managed to do so much this last year! Also, having fun is a great measuring stick to go by, if you are enjoying yourself, that has to be what counts most! So..I hope your 2015 is filled with the joy of doing what makes you smile.

  6. Impressive finishes! You’ve had a great year!

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