A Quilt Top to Begin 2015

My friends at the Yahoo Sunshine group decided we needed to work on quilts on New Year’s Day since what you do on New Year’s foreshadows what you will do all year (at least according to some traditions).

Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy

A friend gave me so me left over pinks and yellows from her “Pink Lemonade” quilt. They were in nice strips, approximately 2 1/2 inches wide and ranging from 3 inches long to a little over 8. I counted to get the ratio of pink to yellow (2:1) and sorted by length. I wanted to end up with a quilt 40 x 60 so I took groups of 30 and found the shortest. Then I trimmed all thirty to that size.  I ended up with (unfinished) an 8 1/2-inch colunn, a 7-inch, a 6 1/2-inch and a 2 1/2 inch.

Perhaps I should confess that I didn’t get the top finished on New Year’s Day. So what will I be doing all year? Starting things and finishing them “tomorrow.” I foresee UFOs in my future. Imagine that!

The design is inspired by the traditional Chinese Coin design; however,the pieces would be smaller for the traditional design. And all the columns plain and pieced would be the same width.

I went stash diving to see what pastels I had to coordinate and found a yard of a mint green tone on tone print. The background strips used almost the whole yard. The addition of the mint green changed the impression from lemonade to Salt Water Taffy, one of the few times I have a name for a quilt.

I found fabrics suitable for a backing, but only one yard of each.

backing fabricThere are also some pink and yellow scraps (plus other scraps that didn’t come in 2 1/2-inch strips. I’m thinking on possibilities for piecing the back.

Linking with Show Off Saturday. And Oh Scrap. If you are visiting from Oh Scrap, you might want to see the finish of the top I linked last time, here. And WIP Wednesday because I have been reading quilty books instead of working on this (see review here). And Link a Finish Friday, the 150th.



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16 responses to “A Quilt Top to Begin 2015

  1. Hmmmmm, if we’re gonna do all year what we did on the first I’ll be traveling a lot more this year. If I stretch it to what I’ve done today I’ll be cleaning otu a lot of stuff this year ’cause that’s what I’ve been doing today.

  2. Cher

    great job Claire…! I have yet to turn on my sewing machine, but there is always tomorrow LOL

  3. Love what you did. I think it’s more interesting with different widths! Have fun with the backing. I’m sure you’ll do something more creative than I would. =)

  4. Such a pretty quilt. And good use of scraps. Making the quilt fit the scraps is often easier than trying to force it the other way around.

  5. Even if you didn’t get it all done in one day, I’m still impressed with your productivity! I spent most of New Year’s Day cooking, which is NOT what I want to do the rest of the year. Congratulations!

  6. We have the same tradition so yeah I was sewing as well 🙂 Your top is looking good

  7. Salt Water Taffy is the perfect name for this quilt! I love how you sorted your sizes of scraps and gave yourself the freedom to make your coins different widths. Wonderful quilt top!

    And thanks so much for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  8. I really like the palette you are using in this quilt! For a long time I thought that I wasn’t that into pastel color schemes, but I sort of fell into one a couple months ago. Now I think they are really exciting!

  9. Nice job on using scraps, I am trying to do the same!

  10. Great use of scraps, the colors are so soft and pretty

  11. One Quilter’s Scraps are another Quilter’s Top. Marvelous usage of ‘leftovers.’ I love the name! Good Job!!

  12. Great quilt, love the pattern and the soft pastel colors!

  13. That is very pretty. I confess I am not so good at using scraps, but in my defence I have only been quilting for a few years so I don’t have too many. Maybe I should quilt more. 🙂

  14. It’s looking soft and sweet. Eleanor Burns lies, quilts don’t happen in a day. Best wishes pulling yourself away from those distracting books. I find them hard to resist too.

  15. Fun to get those scraps and even more fun to turn them into a quilt (in nearly one day!). I love the name of Salt Water Taffy–want to come and name my pineapple quilt? I haven’t yet found what I want to call it.

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