How about Four?

Not four instead of three, but instead of one for the improv piecing (estimate had been made here). Here’s why:

2 improv detail

I knew I intended to make tiny pieces; I just didn’t know how long it would take. Good thing I have some wiggle room in the schedule! A comment about the letters.  They were too small to make curves (This one is the smallest, 5 threads high), so O and D look the same.  I hope the context makes this read “wind” and not “wino”! At any rate, the improv piecing is finished.

2 piecing (improv) finshed

My only nod to perspective was the decrease in size. The letters in the signs in the foreground are 10-14 threads high. I aimed for 10 but sometimes missed a thread.  I ripped out really bad errors but not skipped threads.

Tomorrow on to making the templates for the top portion.

Linking with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Friday (button in sidebar).



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7 responses to “How about Four?

  1. Good grief, the labour in that! Still, totally worth it, as the result so far is beautiful.

  2. I’m thrilled that your rally is so dense and well attended. Democracy at its finest! 🙂

  3. Wow Claire – amazing! And a powerful piece

  4. Tiny pieces 😉 Pretty improv piecing

  5. Susan Nixon

    That’s a lot of progress in only a few days. I think you’ll finish in plenty of time.

  6. Betty Colburn

    Very nice. A ambitious project but worthwhile.

  7. Holy cats! No wonder embroidery didn’t work! I do love your tiny pieces!

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