Progress on Butterfly Out Take

Quilt layout and border audition

What size should it be?


The triangles are all trimmed, and there are enough to make a 21 x 21-inch square. I can’t believe that is all the area all those triangles cover!  I have played with arrangement as much as I am going to, so this is as distributed and balanced as it gets. It should look random, but of course, it is anything but. And fabrics are out auditioning for the setting triangles and borders.

Now I’d hoped to make an infant quilt or wheel chair lap quilt, either would be about 42 x 42.  I think the colors can go adult or baby. BUT it would require a ten-inch border which could be quite overpowering.  I love medallion quilts, but this pattern doesn’t invite delicate borders.  Maybe it will end up a doll quilt 25 x 25.  My quilt guild donates doll quilts for firemen to give to children who have been rescued (another group makes the dolls) for some small comfort. Which way would you go? And if it is 10-inch border, how would you make it?

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8 responses to “Progress on Butterfly Out Take

  1. quilt32

    It would be really pretty as a doll quilt and certainly would go to a good cause.

  2. I agree that a 10″ border would likely overpower the center. I think it would make a lovely doll quilt. What a great idea for giving comfort to little ones.

  3. I like the “vintage” pattern and your scrapy version.

  4. I’m also thinking that a 10″ border would be too much. I think it would be great as a doll quilt – and for a great cause!

  5. I’ll be the rebel and suggest that a ten inch border would be fine (if it’s made from two different fabrics). And just a note: i made my aunt a wheelchair/lap quilt. It is 31″ x 35″ and plenty big for her lap, and small enough so it doesn’t catch in the wheels.

  6. I like the idea of a double border too, or just a smaller border. Sometimes it is nice to have a small baby or lap quilt–they don’t have to be the same size 🙂 Your triangles are very nice! I love them on point.

  7. What if you did a double or triple border with one of them pieced with more triangles?

  8. One of the organizations my quilting group donates to is Blankets of Love (Australia). They collect and distribute quilts for babies who are still born or die soon after death. The size is approximately 24 x 24. Perhaps there is such an organization where you are which might appreciate such a beautiful quilt.

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