Quilt National 2011

Quilt National 2011: The Best of Contemporary QuiltsQuilt National 2011: The Best of Contemporary Quilts by Lark Books

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I have been a follower of Quilt National since it began in 1979, though I’ve not been able to attend all of the biennial art quilt exhibits. Of course photos, no matter how good, are never the same as seeing the quilts in person. Looking at the illustrations in this book, however, is a good second best.

A highly competitive show–about 1:100 quilt was juried in. The quilts are on the high end of arty of the today’s art quilts, but they still must be three layers attached with stitches. Many involve painting and thread painting as well as piecing and applique.

The first few pages have comments by the curator and the three judges, and interesting questions are posed about fiber art. Among others, what about the piece required it be executed in fabric. I would have liked more discussion of that thought as it applied to the quilts the writer claimed did so require fabric. The only other text is the comment each artist submitted with her/his quilt. The book provides mostly a visual experience.

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Other quilters at Patchwork Times are reading less quilty books this week. Honestly, I usually do too.


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  1. dezertsuz

    Good review, thanks!

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